BMW S 1000 XR 2021: Consumption, Price and Photos

Motorcycle enthusiasts were eagerly awaiting the launch of the BMW S 1000 XR 2021. Lighter and with a 4-cylinder engine, the model offers even more speed on the road. So, if you are interested and want to know everything about the BMW S 1000 XR 2021, check out the following article!

BMW S 1000 XR 2021

Ideal both for those on the road or for day-to-day activities in big cities, the BMW S 1000 XR 2021 offers even more safety to the driver and passenger.Establishing itself more and more in the motorcycle market in USA, BMW has as major competitors such as the Kawasaki Ninja 650 2021 and the Suzuki Hayabusa 2021. Thus, the BMW S1000 XR 2021 enters to make this dispute even more intense.

In the following topics we will explain everything about the BMW S1000 XR series items and technical data.

BMW S 1000 XR 2021:

BMW S 1000 XR 2021 standard items

To find out if you like that motorcycle or any purchase item, you need to know as much information as possible.

Thus, to have an appetizer of the quality of the BMW S 1000 XR 2021, nothing better than knowing the standard items. The standard items demonstrate the comfort, novelties and technology of the bike.

Therefore, check the following list of the main series items of the BMW S 1000 XR 2021:

  • Adjustment of the brake lever;
  • Rear shock preload adjustment;
  • Electronic accelerator;
  • Compression, return and preload adjustment am. Diant .;
  • Engine speed alert;
  • Auxiliary variable damping;
  • Single piece seat;
  • BMW motorrad integral abs;
  • Side easel with starting inhibitor;
  • Automatic stability control;
  • Anti-slip clutch;
  • Inverted front telescopic fork;
  • Electronic immobilizer;
  • Piloting modes;
  • LED taillight
  • Multifunction digital instrument panel;
  • Windshield with height adjustment;
  • Light alloy wheels;
  • Drop sensor;
  • Chain transmission;
  • 12v socket;

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BMW S 1000 XR 2021 Specs

In addition to every information about the comfort and safety of the BMW S 1000 XR 2021, it is important to know everything about the engine, chassis, dimensions and more.

All this information and others can be seen in the technical sheet, produced by the automaker to inform the public about the motorcycle’s data.

With the BMW S 1000 XR data sheet you can also compare it with other models from other brands. Therefore, check out the complete technical sheet below:


  • Type: Inline cylindrical tetra motor, four times with liquid cooling, four valves per cylinder in titanium;
  • Diameter x stroke: 80 mm x 49.7 mm;
  • Cylinder capacity: 999 cc;
  • Max power: 165 hp (121 kW) at 11,000 rpm;
  • Max torque: 114 NM at 9,250 rpm;
  • Compression ratio: 12.0: 1;
  • Engine carburation / management: Electronic fuel injection system.

Sistema elétrico:

  • Alternador: 486 W;
  • Bateria: 12 V/8;


  • Embreagem: Multidisco em banho de óleo, embreagem deslizante, acionamento mecânico;
  • Caixa de velocidades: Seis velocidades com veio de sincronização, com engrenagem de dentes direitos;
  • Transmissão secundária: Corrente com relação 17/45.


  • Frame: Double aluminum beam with self-supporting motor;
  • Front suspension: Inverted telescopic fork, diameter 46 mm, expansion and compression adjustment;
  • Rear suspension: Aluminum swing arm, central shock absorber, expansion adjustment;
  • Front / rear suspension travel: 150 mm / 140 mm;
  • Wheelbase: 1 548 mm;
  • Feed: 117 mm;
  • Steering column angle: 64.5 °;
  • Wheels: Cast aluminum;
  • Front wheel: 3.50 x 17 ”;
  • Front tire: 120/70 ZR 17;
  • Rear wheel: 6.00 x 17 “;
  • Rear tire: 190/55 ZR 17;
  • Front brake: Two floating discs, diameter 320 mm, radial fixed calipers with four pistons;
  • Rear brake: Single disc, diameter 265 mm, single piston floating caliper;
  • ABS: Race-ABS BMW Motorrad (partial-integral), can be turned off;
  • ASC: Automatic Stability Control.


  • Length: 2 183 mm;
  • Width (with mirrors): 940 mm;
  • Height (without mirrors): 1 408 mm;
  • Seat height, unladen weight: 840 mm;
  • Inner arch of the driver’s legs, unladen weight: 1,895 mm (Sport HP seat, high (accessory): 1 925 mm; suspension set (EO): 1,790 mm);
  • Unladen weight, with operating means, full tank: 228 kg;
  • Max. allowed: 444 kg;
  • Max. Load (with standard equipment): 216 kg;
  • Tank capacity: 20 l.

Price BMW S 1000 XR 2021

With all these qualities that the BMW S 1000 XR 2021 shows, both in the standard items and in the technical data sheet, you can imagine that the price is also higher.

But in the 2021 motorcycle segment with 1000 cc or more, the BMW S1000 XR 2021 is priced within the market average.

Recalling that this value does not include transfer fee and freight, which must be negotiated separately. Check out the suggested model value:

  • Average price of the BMW S 1000 XR 2021: $ 13300.

Average consumption

  • Front tire: 120/70 ZR 17;

With a high-performance sports bike, fuel consumption is higher. But keeping the scheduled maintenance up to date and taking the necessary care, it is possible that the BMW S 1000 XR 2021 has a better performance.

Due to the size of the tank, the BMW S 1000 XR has a range of over 300 km.

Therefore, check the consumption projection of the model, according to the tests performed by the automaker:

  • Average consumption BMW S 1000 XR 2021: 16.9 km / l.

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