Dafra Citycom HD 300 2021: Price, Specs and Photos

The new Dafra Citycom HD 300 2021 comes to show that it is possible to have comfort, practicality and power at the same time. For long and short journeys, the model has good fuel consumption. So, if you enjoy riding on two wheels, check out this article for all the details of the Dafra Citycom HD 300 2021!

Dafra Citycom HD 300 2021

In the rush of everyday life, we often go from work to college or even a second job, without even going home. With this reality, having a motorcycle with good space is something interesting.

In this sense, the Dafra Citycom HD 300 2021 is strong, offering an internal space of 38 liters, to store personal or professional items. What surpasses some of its competitors like the Yamaha Neo 125 2021 and the Honda PCX 150 2021.

In addition, the Citycom HD 300 2021 already has ABS as standard, offering great security at all times.

Dafra Citycom HD 300 2021

Citycom HD300 2021 series items

In addition to the larger space and safer brakes, the Dafra Citycom HD 300 2021 brings other novelties to the public.

With a 10l tank, the Citycom HD 300 2021 has an autonomy of approximately 300 km. These are some of the standard items of this which is one of the most awaited 2021 motorcycles, which already comes by factory definition.

The standard items are important for the customer to evaluate what are the main qualities of the bike. Therefore, we bring here the main series items of Dafra Citycom HD 300 2021:

  • CVT automatic transmission;
  • Large space between seats;
  • 12V socket;
  • 10 liter tank;
  • LED flashlight;
  • Modern instrument panel.

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Technical sheet Dafra Citycom HD 300 2021

In addition to the main highlights of the Dafra Citycom HD300, you need to know more to buy the bike. Thus, it is interesting to know all information about the suspension engine and chassis.

Thus, nothing better than checking the technical sheet, which has the detailed information of the Citycom HD 300 2021.

So you can be sure that this model suits your interests. Check the table below for the complete technical sheet of the Dafra Citycom HD 300:


  • 4-stroke, single cylinder, 4-valve, OTTO, water cooled and with electronic injection
  • Cylinder 278.3 cc
  • Maximum Power 27.6 hp at 8,000 rpm
  • Maximum torque 2.6 kgf.m at 6,000 rpm
  • Automatic continuous variation transmission (CVT)
  • Starting system

Electric Chassis

  • Tubular steel
  • Telescopic front suspension, 88 mm
  • Rear suspension Articulated unit, 75 mm
  • Wheelbase 1500 mm
  • Front tire 110 / 70-16 52p
  • Rear tire 130 / 70-16 61p
  • 16 ”alloy wheels
  • ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) Brakes
  • Disc front brake 287 mm
  • Rear brake Disc 260 mm
  • Fuel tank 10 L
  • Operating weight 172.2 kg
  • Height 1230 mm
  • Width 770 mm
  • Length 2,220 mm
  • Minimum height from the ground 145 mm
  • Seat height 800 mm

Average consumption Citycom HD300 2021

To reduce financial costs, it is always important to take care of all the details, whether in the form of consumption or expenses that can be reduced.

Thus, the fuel consumption of the Dafra Citycom HD300 is something that helps to reduce day-to-day costs.

Despite a more powerful engine, it can be compared to the more popular models, which have less power. Therefore, check the consumption projection of Dafra Citycom HD 300:

Average consumption Dafra Citycom HD 300 2021: 30 km / l.

Purchase price Dafra Citycom HD300 2021

Going in the direction of offering the best cost benefit, the Dafra Citycom HD300 2021 comes with an interesting market price.

Compared to the standard items, technical sheet and consumption, the price can be seen as within the most popular average. Check, therefore, the price projection that Dafra put for Citycom HD 300 2021:

  • Price Dafra Citycom HD 300 2021: 4000 $;

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