Ducati Monster 797 2021: PRICES, Specifications, Consumption and Photos

A motorcycle that has been attracting the eyes of those passionate about two-wheel machines is the Ducati Monster 797 2021. This motorcycle with more aggressive lines is ideal for urban areas and asphalt. To know more details about the Ducati Monster 797 2021, the values, all the items in the technical sheet, what is its autonomy and also check out several photos, see the following article and check it out.

Ducati Monster 797 2021

This bike has a modern design, and it also integrates a sporty touch, giving an incredible look to the product. The Ducati Monster 797 2021’s ergonomics were developed to provide greater comfort to the rider, who can spend much more time on the wheels without feeling discomfort.

The bike also has more technological items, with LCD panel, where the information is read more easily. It also features LED lights, giving the driver better visibility.

It also has a Brembo brake system, which has an internal pressure sensor, providing greater safety when braking.

Ducati Monster 797 2021

Ducati Monster 797 Thcnica Data Sheet

When purchasing any product, it is necessary to know in depth everything that it offers, especially if it is a product of such high value as a motorcycle.

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In order not to be disappointed with the machine due to lack of information, and end up losing money with a hasty sale, the best alternative is to seek to know all the items that the bike offers.

To find out all the details of the Ducati Monster 797 2021, check out the full technical sheet below:

Motorization and Transmission

  • Engine: L -Twin, 2 valves with demodromic actuation per cylinder, air-cooled;
  • Power: 75 hp @ 8,250 rpm;
  • Torque: 68.9 Nm @ 5,750 rpm;
  • Displacement: 803 cc;
  • Diameter x stroke Power: 88 mm x 66 mm;
  • Final ratio: Current; Front pinion Z15; Rear pinion Z46;
  • Fuel injection: Electronic injection system, 50 mm acceleration body;
  • Gearbox: 6 speeds;
  • Clutch: APTC wet multiplate clutch with mechanical control.


  • Chassis: Tubular steel trellis frame;
  • Front tire: Pirelli Diablo Rosso II, 120/70 ZR17;
  • Rear tire: Pirelli Diablo Rosso II, 180/55 ZR17;
  • Front suspension: Kayaba forks 43 mm usd;
  • Rear suspension: Monoshock Sachs, with preload and cam adjustment;
  • Rear wheel: 10 spokes, light alloy, 5.50 ”X 17”;
  • Front wheel: 10 spokes, light alloy, 3.50 ”X 17”;
  • Front wheel travel: 130 mm;
  • Rear wheel travel: 150 mm.

Dimensions and capacities

  • Dry weight: 175 kg;
  • Operating weight: 193 kg;
  • Seat height: 805 mm;
  • Wheelbase: 1,435 mm;
  • Fuel tank capacity: 16.5 L.

Consumption Ducati Monster 797 2021

Before buying a motorcycle, one item that can make all the difference is in relation to consumption. Knowing when a bike spends can even decide to purchase.

That’s because, if the bike is going to compromise the monthly budget a lot, it may be that the future rider opts for a more economical model, even if he has fallen in love with the product, in the end where the decision really weighs is in the pocket.

Its average consumption is: 15.2 km / l to 17.5 km / l on the road.

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Price Ducati Monster 797 2021

If you were interested in this bike, the question that doesn’t want to be asked is about the price of Ducati Monster 797 2021.

  • The market value of this bike is $ 7600.

What is worth saying is that this is the initial value, and this value can rise according to the serial items that can be added.

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