Harley Davidson 883 2020: Prices and Pictures

For all those who enjoy motorcycles, the Harley Davidson 883 2020 comes with plenty of news to keep your admirers open-mouthed. With a more up-to-date, modern and distinctive design that provides more comfort, the Harley Davidson 883 2020 comes with everything to revolutionize the world of motorcyclists.

The Harley Davidson 883 2020 is modern but with a retro touch, making its admirers remember the characteristics of some old motorcycles. Let’s say she accentuated his aggressive, authentic air.

Harley Davidson 883 2020

To further spice up the senses of the motomaniacs, Harley Davidson has prepared the launch of two models of the Dark Custom series, the latter being the most powerful in history made by the company. In addition to these news, all bikes have made several improvements in their performances.

The Harley Davidson 883 2020 bikes that are part of the Dark Custom series have won two new models: Forty-Eight and Iron 883. These two bikes have been beautiful, with new suspensions and a distinctive design, pleasing all customers who still have the young spirit of adventure.

The United Statess who like the more sporty style were very happy with the new presentation of the Sportster model, which gained new bench and higher suspensions providing much more comfort when driving.

Harley Davidson 883 2020: What Has Changed?

As previously stated, the Harley Davidson 883 2020 bikes come with several improvements that will leave those in love with mouth-watering bikes. We list below some of these improvements. Check out:

  • Thanks to the retro style, the new handlebar gains minimalist details in its Drag-Style design, with functions and hand controls
  • The fuel tank comes with 12.5l gasoline capacities and Peanut-style Classic design
  • The design of the lanterns is totally retro
  • Brake lights integrate with the blinking lights
  • Visual Dark still remains the trademark of this bike, giving it a totally aggressive air
  • Another differential in this style of motorcycle is its 883 horsepower engine, making this bike fast and super comfortable to drive

Harley Davidson 883 2020: Specifications

The Harley Davidson 883 2020 bikes have gained elements that will make all the difference in driving. Comfort and lightness are two great features of this release. Check out more details below:

  • All models have electric start
  • The brakes have ABS system
  • The fuel feed system has electronic injection per sequential port
  • All engines are Revolution models with cooled air

Harley Davidson 883 2020: Prices

The Harley Davidson 883 2020 models are considered very expensive by their fans. However, it could not be different: a bike with so many options so ends up being expensive.

These bikes are imported and sold here in United States for prices starting at  $ 9000. This is one of the reasons why we do not see so many units of these bikes around here.

We know that the bikes of the Harley Davidson 883 2020 models have a high price, but we must admit that it is very worthwhile, because the technology used in it and the comfort it offers its riders justifies this value.

Harley Davidson 883 2020: Photo Gallery

Check out the photo gallery of the new models Harley Davidson 883 2020 we have prepared and surprised!

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