Harley Davidson Roadster 2020: Prices, Specs, Consumables and Photos

The Harley Davidson Roadster 2020 is a full-featured motorcycle composed of technologies ranging from design to its motorization. The model is inspired in the 80’s and then you can check out the details for the new Harley Davidson Roadster 2020.

The Harley Davidson Roadster 2020 brings to this launch novelties in its design that aim to make the model even more safe and comfortable, below we will check more details.

Features of the Harley Davidson Roadster 2020

Let’s start by talking about the look of the Harley Davidson Roadster 2020 that brings to this launch a new recessed handlebar and a refitted double seat to make the experience of its users even more comfortable and safe.

On the engine, the launch features a 1,200cc³ air cooled Evolution engine, aluminum cylinders and heads, 43mm front suspension with reversed forks and double front brake with floating discs.

Harley Davidson Roadster 2020

As standard features the Harley Davidson Roadster 2020 also features:

  • Alarm;
  • Electronic fuel injection per sequential port;
  • Chromed exhaust, “Shorty” style exhaust with twin mufflers;
  • Brakes Double disc with double piston in the dianteria, simple piston and simple disc in the rear;
  • High beam, neutral point, low oil pressure.

Colors of the Harley Davidson Roadster 2020

We have 5 color options for this launch, check out which are:

  • Vivid Black;
  • Crown Yellow Pearl;
  • Sumatra Brown;
  • Eletric Blue / Silver Fortune;
  • Industrial Gray Denim / Black Denim.

Harley Davidson Roadster 2020 datasheet

The data sheet with the new features of the new Harley Davidson Roadster was not disclosed, but check out some of the information already expected:


  • Engine: Evolution air-cooled (Fuel with octane 91 or higher is recommended);
  • Diameter of cylinder: 88.9 mm;
  • Piston stroke: 96.8 mm;
  • Displacement: 1,202 cc;
  • Compression ratio: 10:01;
  • Fuel system: Electronic fuel injection through sequential doors (ESPFI);
  • Exhaust: Short double exhaust with chrome-plated tapered silencers and laser cut black thermal insulation.

Dimensions and capacities

  • Length: 2,185 mm;
  • Seat height, without weight: 785 mm;
  • Minimum floor distance: 150 mm;
  • Tilt angle (steering column) (degrees): 28.9;
  • Trail: 140 mm;
  • Distance between axles: 1,505 mm;
  • Front tire, Specification: 120 / 70R19 M / C;
  • Rear tire, Specification: 150 / 70R18 M / C;
  • Fuel capacity: 12,5 l;
  • Oil capacity (with filter): 2.6 l;
  • Weight, as shipped: 250 kg;
  • Weight, in good working condition: 259 kg.

As soon as we officially released the new datasheet of this model we will update more information of the model, keep an eye!

Consumption of the New Harley Davidson Roadster 2020

  • Harley Davidson Roadster: Average 18 km per liter .

Price of the Harley Davidson Roadster 2020

The market price for the new Harley Davidson Roadster can be updated, but this new value has not yet been announced. The following gives you the current price of the motorcycle:

  • Davidson Roadster Vivid Black: from $ 13000 ;
  • Davidson Roadster in 2 shades: from $ 13000 .

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