Honda CB 1000R 2021: Specs, Prices, Photos and News

With a somewhat retro appearance and keeping the sporty style, the Honda CB 1000R 2021 arrives in the USA. For those who are passionate about motorcycles, this is a model that fits both the city and the road, depending on the situation. So, don’t miss out on all the news that the new Honda CB 1000R 2021 model brings and follow the information in this article!Despite having a front that resembles the bikes of the 1960s, the Honda CB 1000R 2021 brings with it Honda’s innovations.

Honda CB 1000R 2021

Competing with similar 2021 bikes from Yamaha and Suzuki, for example, the CB 1000R has 4 cylinders, which ensures greater power and better performance on the road, with a capacity of up to 141 hp. In addition, the model also brings changes in details, such as a panel with LED light, making the pilot see the information more easily. The USA edition should be produced at Honda’s factory in Manaus, where the main models of the automaker are manufactured in the country.

Honda CB 1000R 2021

Mainly competitors

As mentioned earlier, the Honda CB 1000R 2021 has a great deal of competition, mainly from the main world brands.

In the USA, Honda is the best-selling motorcycle brand today, but Suzuki and Yamaha models grow with each passing year. For customers, this competition can be interesting to raise the quality of the models launched.

In addition, those looking to buy a new motorcycle also do research on the information of each model, to assess whether it is worth the purchase.

Anyway, you can see in the list below the main bikes that compete with the Honda CB 1000R 2021:

Yamaha MT 03 2021;

Honda CB 1000R 2021 Series Items

In this research on the information of each of the motorcycles, perhaps the most striking are the standard items that the model brings with it.

That is, what are the main attributes that the basic model of the bike with the starting price comes from. In cars, items like air conditioning and air bags are already mandatory as standard items.

Among motorcycles such as the Honda CB 1000R 2021, one of the standard items is the ABS brake, which recently became mandatory. In addition, the LED lights and the digital panel are two of the model’s differentials this year.

Therefore, check out the main series items of the CB 1000R 2021 below:

  • Digital panel;
  • LED lights;
  • ABS brakes;
  • Traction control;
  • Motor-brake control;
  • Single bank;
  • Digital panel with new layout;
  • Anti-slip assisted clutch;

✓ Take a look at the other models that will be launched in 2021:

Honda CB 1000R 2021 Technical Data Sheet

In addition to the standard items, which are important for evaluating the bike, the technical sheet is even more fundamental. This is because the file contains all the details of the bike and the current model.

Among these data, the type of engine, fuel, weight and maximum load are just some of the information that interests the pilot.

To compare the Honda CB 1000R 2021 with competitors, the technical data is important. Then check out the CB 1000R 2021 file below:

  • 4-cylinder engine 10.4 kgfm at 8,250 rpm and 144 hp at 10,500 rpm;
  • Torque 10.6 kgf.m in the 8 250 turns;
  • Six-speed manual transmission;
  • Traction control (HSTC);
  • Throttle-by-wire accelerator (TBW);
  • Weight: 212 kg dry;
  • Bore / stroke (mm): 75 / 56.5;
  • Front Suspension: inverted telescopic with 120 mm travel and 43 mm in diameter;
  • Rear: 128 mm travel mono-damped scale with spring preload and return regulation;
  • Length (cm) 210.5;
  • Wheelbase (cm) 144.5;
  • Height / width (cm) 109/76.

Consumption of the new CB 1000 R

In addition to spending on documents and buying a motorcycle, day-to-day expenses, such as fuel, are important in the purchase decision.

Thus, as the Honda CB 1000R 2021 is a sports bike, it ends up having a higher consumption than the popular models. However, with the weight and parts wiping down, the model delivers the following consumption:

  • Sports consumption (km / l) 10.5;
  • Economic consumption (km / l) 17.8.

Price Honda CB 000 R

Finally, but perhaps the most important information, the price of the Honda CB 1000R 2021 model. Although it has not yet been officially released, we can bring a projection according to previous models.

Thus, it is estimated that the bike will be sold in USA for a price of around 11300 $, which may vary according to some details of the model and the store.

To stay on top of updates about the price and other information of the bike, keep following our publications

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