Honda CB 1000R 2021: PRICES, Specifications, Consumption and Photos

A very imposing motorcycle that draws a lot of attention wherever it goes is the Honda CB 1000R 2021. In addition to its size, this bike has lines and an innovative design that makes the bike quite robust. If you want to know more details about the Honda CB 1000R 2021, read the full article below.

Honda CB 1000R

The Honda CB 1000R 2021 has a 4-cylinder engine, giving greater torque and power when driving, and thus can guarantee a greater evolution of the machine.

The panel is super modern, with LED lights, providing better visibility to the pilot and ease of reading, in addition to having specific colors to indicate each marker, which also helps a lot.

Honda CB 1000R 2021

In the safety item, this bike has a braking alert, which turns on the warning flasher automatically when the rider needs to brake more abruptly.

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The design is what most calls the attention of the product, because it has a very different proposal from what we are used to seeing in the market. With a retro style, it cannot fail to be modern, that is, it is a mixture of items that worked very well.

According to the Auto Esporte column, the Honda CB 1000R 2021:

In addition to the futuristic retro look, the completely redesigned naked comes with a new DOHC four-cylinder engine with 998 cm3 electronic injection with 141 hp at 10,500 rpm and 10.2 kgfm between 6,000 and 8,000 rpm. It is derived from Fireblade. The gearshift is six-speed and the clutch is sliding, which helps the rear wheel not to stray in gear shifts.

Honda CB 1000R 2021 specs

Before buying the motorcycle it is important to know in detail everything that the product offers, especially when it comes to a good with a higher value than normal.

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See in detail the items that the Honda CB 1000R 2021 offers:

  • Engine: 4-cylinder in-line / 16V DOHC / 998 cc / liquid cooled
  • Diameter x stroke (mm): 75 / 56,5
  • Compression rate: n / a
  • Power (hp at rpm): 123 to 10000
  • Torque (mkgf at rpm): 10.1 to 7750
  • Power: multipoint electronic injection
  • Ignition: variable digital electronics
  • Departure: electric
  • Front Suspension: 43 mm diameter inverted telescopic with preload, compression and extension settings and 120 mm travel
  • Rear: monoblock with gas shock absorber adjustable in extension; 10 spring preload settings and 128 mm travel
  • Exchange: 6 gears with final transmission by sealed chain
  • Chassis Quadro: rear beam of gravity cast aluminum, with engine integrating the structure (Diamond)
  • Front Brakes: 2 310 mm diameter discs and 4 opposite piston calipers
  • Rear: single disc with 256 mm diameter and 2 opposed piston caliper
  • Tires Front: 120 / 70-17
  • Rear: 180 / 55-17
  • Dimensions
  • Length (cm): 210.5
  • Height / width (cm): 109.5 / 80.5
  • Wheelbase (cm): 144,5
  • Weight (kg): 217 (in running order)
  • Free range (cm): 13
  • Seat height (cm): 82.5
  • Tank (l): 17

Follow the main series items of the launch:

  • Digital panel,
  • Traction control,
  • Motor-brake control,
  • Single Bank,
  • LED lights,
  • ABS Brakes,
  • Digital panel with new layout and
  • Anti-slip assisted clutch.

Average consumption

The consumption of the CB 1000R is approximately 15km / liter. This value can vary a lot according to the way of flying.

Price Honda CB 1000R

If you were enchanted by this super motorcycle, it is good to be aware if you really want to pay the amount requested in the product.

Even offering great advantages and a good resourcefulness, the bike still reaches the market at a high price compared to other naked ones.

  • This bike can be found worth from $ 11,000.

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