Honda CB 190R 2021: PRICES, Specifications, Consumption and Photos

With an aggressive design and futuristic style, the Honda CB 190R 2021 does not take long to step on USA soil. This is because the new Honda model is already circulating in other countries, such as Argentina, and the expectation is high, despite the low cylinder capacity of this Honda CB 190R 2021.

The curiosity surrounding this naked motorcycle is precisely the elements of the Premium motorcycle and its engine, which is the same found in the XRE 190. To learn more about the new CB 190R 2021 and all the details that make up this bike just follow this article!

Details of Honda CB 190R 2021

Honda brought a motorcycle with the same or similar components to others already produced, including USA parts. In addition to the 184.4 cm3 air-cooled engine being the same as the XRE 190 model, the alloy wheels (produced in US) are the same as those of CB Twister.Other USA components include the cold (not silver) color tweezers and the 220mm and 275mm discs in the shape of a daisy.

About the Honda CB 190R 2021 design, with Repsol and white / blue / red paint options, its “urban street” appearance is remarkable, a bold and aggressive model, with defined angles and Premium elements. Some of these elements include the inverted front suspension.

Honda CB 190R 2021

To give a more sporty feel, the CB 190R also features semi handlebars. In the futuristic aspect, it is not only for the visual but also for the technology in favor of the user: headlights and LED flashlights, in addition to the digital panel.

Not to mention the fairing, very well incorporated into the fuel tank, which in this case has a capacity of up to 12 liters and with an aviation style lid. This is one more reason why Honda is the best seller.

Models with parts similar to CB 190R 2021:

Technical sheet of the new CB 190R

Check out the technical specifications of the new Honda CB 190R:

  • Monocylindrical (4-stroke);
  • Cylinder capacity: 184.4 cm3;
  • Air cooling;
  • Electronic injection;
  • Departure: electric;
  • Power: 16.2hp at 8,000rpm
  • Torque: 1.5kgfm at 7,000rpm
  • Exchange: 5 gears;
  • Wheels: 17 ”, front 110 / 70-17 and rear 140 / 70-17;
  • Weight: 131 kg;
  • General dimension: 1,982 x 744 x 1,041 mm;
  • Wheelbase: 1,356 mm.

Another highlight is the inverted front suspension, already mentioned in this article. This item is typical of premium bikes and is capable of absorbing and mitigating impacts on the environment.

Consumption of Honda CB 190R 2021

Knowing the consumption of a 2021 motorcycle is very important to understand its performance on the road. However, as the CB 190R 2021 has not yet set foot on US soil and is still a novelty in Argentina, consumption has not been revealed.

Recalling that this naked has the same engine as the XRE 190, with an average consumption of 24 km at 30 km / h, in the city and road respectively. As the XRE model has a capacity of 13.5 liters and the CB 190R is 12 liters, the consumption range can be very similar.

Honda CB 190R 2021 Price

While in Argentina the value of the Honda CB 190R 2021 is around $ 15600, more or less 1900 $ thousand in $ currency, the bike can cost a little more here:

  • Average price for CB 190R 2021: $ 2300

However, this value can change and is only a comparison between the values of the CG 160 Titan and CB Twister, which are between $ 1900 and $ 2500, respectively.

See more photos of the CB 190R 2021 model and be impressed by the great designer and vibrant colors:

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