Honda CB 300 2021: Price, Specs, Consumption and Photos

Being able to buy a Honda CB 300 2021 motorcycle is the dream of many motorcycle enthusiasts. This is because, this motorcycle, one of the most powerful manufactured by Honda, has a new face and an incredible look. To know all the details about the Honda CB 300 2021, check out all the data below!

Honda CB 300 2021

For those looking for a sports motorcycle, of great cost – benefit, that serves both the city and the road, the Honda CB 300 2021 can be a great choice.

Honda CB 300 2021

The Honda CB 300 2021 motorcycle has been undergoing upgrades, and for its new launch, it will have modern upgrades without losing its modern and imposing structure.

  • Type: Diamond Frame;
  • Front suspension / Stroke: Telescopic fork / 130 mm;
  • Rear suspension / Stroke: Mono Shock / 108 mm;
  • Front brake / Diameter: A disc / 276 mm;
  • Rear brake / Diameter: A disc / 220 mm;
  • Front tire: 110/70 – 17;
  • Rear tire: 140/70 – 17.

Available colors

A great time when choosing a motorcycle is choosing the color. One of the most researched questions after choosing the motorcycle is the color it will be available for sale.

For the models that will be launched from the CB 300 2021, we do not have confirmation of the tones yet, but, using as reference 2019, it is believed that it will be available in the following colors, see:

  • Red;
  • Black;
  • White.

Average consumption

Another information much sought by those who want to purchase a Honda CB 300, is about fuel consumption.

The Honda brand is known for owning motorcycles with low fuel consumption, so what is expected is that the Honda CB 300 2021 will continue to follow the economic line.

What is expected is that the new CB 300 2021, an average consumption of 25 km / l to 30 km / l in the city and on the road.

Honda CB 300 2021 Price

Even though it is considered a powerful motorcycle with a sports footprint, the Honda CB 300 2021 appears on the market with a price below that of competitors in the same category.

For the happiness of future buyers, the motorcycle will be sold for $ 2900.

As the final value has not yet been released, this value is just speculation by experts in the field based on past sales of the model.

With the update of new values of the Honda CB 300, we will be updating those interested in purchasing the motorcycle.

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