Honda CB 500 X 2021: PRICES, Specification, Consumption and Photos

If you are looking for a sports motorcycle with incredible power, the Honda CB 500 X 2021 can be a strong competitor. With an increasingly innovative design, and several items that provide the rider’s well-being even in the case of a sports bike, this machine has been attracting many looks. For more details on the Honda CB 500 X 2021, read the full post below.

Honda CB 500 X 2021

A high bike, super sporty but that promises to maintain the rider’s comfort is the Honda CB 500 X. They also have an LED headlight to give greater visibility to the rider.

The bike’s suspension also has items that facilitate sporting riding. In addition, the machine is also equipped with ABS brakes that provide greater safety to the driver when braking. Still with regard to safety, the bike has a brake lever with five levels of regulation.

Consumption Honda CB 500 X 2021

Knowing about the product’s autonomy is very important to not compromise the family income. You need to do the math and put it on the tip of the pencil if this bike is within your spending patterns.

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This bike has an average consumption of 27 km / liter, this value can be modified depending on the way of riding, whether in urban areas or trails and the speed that will be used.

Price Honda CB 500 X 2021

If this bike caught your attention and you were interested in purchasing the product, the biggest question is in relation to the purchase price.

This bike can be found on the market for a price starting at 4800$. This value can be changed if serial items are inserted.

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