Honda CB 650R 2021: PRICES, Specifications, Consumption and Photos

With a sportier look than ever, the new Honda CB 650R 2021 brings greater strength and comfort in riding. The replacement of the CB 650F has a low center of gravity and 4 cylinders with robust snoring, which reinforce the power of this machine at low revs. For the automaker, this Honda CB 650R 2021 is a futuristic version of the previous bike. And no less!

In addition to this sport having very current technology, it also revives the retro design of nakeds from the 50s / 60s. Want to better understand the new CB 650R? Continue on our post!

Honda CB 650R 2021 x CB 650F

For those who were used to the CB 650F streetfighter style, you will notice that it is one of the differences for the CB 650R. Honda’s new naked gained the classic design of Neo Sports Cafe, which had already appeared on the CB 1000R and carries a retro look, but with more futuristic concepts.

Much lighter than its previous one, the Honda CB 650R 2021 won the ‘R’ complement of racing, to highlight its most aggressive and sporty type. Still, it weighs 6 kg less, thanks to the modifications received.

There is also even more power compared to 650F (which comes close to the retired Hornet 600F) because of the four 1000 rpm cylinders, which guarantees an increase of 95 hp, 5% more than CB 650F.

Honda CB 650R 2021

The lighter torque allows for better accelerations and resumes, while the front suspension ensures cushioning due to the new Showa fork with 41 mm tubes.

In addition, the low handlebars and the lower center of gravity provide greater comfort to the pilot, while the design is not far behind in lightness: the graphics draw attention with their colors (between red and matte black), which strengthens the robust appearance of this 650R.

Main releases of Honda, in addition to the CB 650R 2021:

CB 650R 2021 standard items

The new ABS brakes, LED headlights and a digital panel provide the CB 650R 2021 with much more safety and technology. While ABS prevents the wheels from locking, the digital panel, in turn, ensures better viewing.

Beauty, comfort and safety, so we can define the new Honda. Check out other CB 650R 2021 series items:

  • 810 mm high seat;
  • speedometer;
  • account turns;
  • shit-light – gear shift indicator;
  • front tire: 120/70 – ZR17;
  • rear tire: 180/55 – ZR17;
  • lower handlebars.

Model 650R technical sheet

The lightness of this new Honda is given by the chassis, which is 1.9 kg lighter than its predecessor. This helps to “contain” the great power of the engine, four cylinders and 16 valves.

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And with the new intake ducts, iridium plugs and a silencer (which smoothes operation), the 2021 line of the 650R model tends to cause less pollution, and still avoid high fuel consumption.

See the CB 650R 2021 technical sheet:

  • engine: DOHC, 4 cylinders, 16 valves and liquid cooling;
  • torque: 6.5 kgf.m;
  • power: 95 hp with 12,000 rpm;
  • front suspension with Showa system (Showa Dual Bending Valve);
  • rear suspension with mono system, with seven adjustment levels;
  • compression ratio: 11.6: 1;
  • CO2 emissions (g / km): 112 g / km of CO2;
  • exchange: 6 gears;
  • cylinder capacity: 649 cm3;
  • electronic injection;
  • fuel: gasoline;
  • fuel capacity: 15.4 liters;
  • chassis: Diamond Frame;
  • length x width x height: 2130 x 780 x 1075;
  • minimum ground clearance: 150 mm
  • dry weight: 202 kg.

Average consumption of Honda CB 650R

This Honda CB 650R consumes 4.9 L / 100 km, that means 20.4 km / l for you to ride with your sports naked.

Honda CB 650R 2021 Price

The new 2021 model of the 650R has not yet arrived in USA, but taking into account the value sold in Portugal (7,990 euros), here it can reach 5500 $.

Considering the price of the 650F, which is costing $ 6000, the value of the Honda CB 650R 2021 may be even lower, being another difference between the two bikes. Looking forward to a retro experience and futuristic touches?

Stay tuned, because as this 650R bike has not yet arrived on USA soil, it may be that it brings some special news for fans here. To learn more, be sure to visit this article for updates.

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