Honda CBR 650R 2021: Prices, Specs, Consumption and Photos

Launched at the Milan Motor Show, the Honda CBR 650R 2021 arrived in Europe alongside the CB 650R. With the look of the Fireblade, the new bike is a more refined version of the competition tracks for the roads, gaining, however, a more aggressive tone. And it’s not just for looks, as this Honda CBR 650R 2021 has a 4-cylinder engine, with the redline starting at 12,000 rpm.

In this article, we will unveil this CBR 650R, sporty, elegant and very powerful, and stay on top of its equipment and price disclosed. Come on!

Honda CBR 650R 2021

Honda launched two bikes with very similar numbers, which are the CB 650R and the CBR 650R. A minimal difference in the identification of the model, but large in the visual and in some technical specifications.

For example, the cycling and the motorization are practically the same, that is, the same engine pouring 95 hp, but the advantage of the CBR is that it has an air intake system that allows better engine response at low and medium speeds, and with great performance in high regimes.

Honda CBR 650R 2021

Honda CBR 650R in Red ‘Grand Prix’ and Matte Black metallic.

We also need to point out that the Honda CBR 650R 2021 has enhanced the sound power, since the muffler angle was made to transmit all the roar of this machine directly to the pilot. It is the immersion of powerful audio thanks to the four-cylinder engine.

The automaker also changed the ‘F’ for fun, which was on the CB 650F model, with ‘R’ for racing. Strategic change is a way of showing that these lines are more sporting, borrowing the style of competition bikes, but guaranteeing safety on a common track.

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Standard items of CBR 650R 2021

The CBR digital panel allows better visualization of fuel consumption, cooling temperature, in addition to indicating gear and gear changes.

Below, check out the items that make up the CBR 650R 2021:

  • ABS brakes;
  • front tire: 120/70 – ZR17 M / C;
  • rear tire: 180/55 – ZR17 M / C;
  • wheels (front and rear): MultiRaios and cast aluminum;
  • headlight: LED;
  • panel: digital LCD;
  • 810 mm high seat;
  • speedometer;
  • account turns.

Honda’s new CBR data sheet

Like the CB 650R, Honda’s new CBR also features traction control (Honda Selectable Torque Control – HSTC), with the advantage of being able to keep it off.

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The engine has the same power as the CB model, but is lighter: 5.6 kg. In addition, the CBR 650R has a sliding clutch, which helps to smooth the curves on the road and thus make the driver experience an exciting and confident race.

Follow the technical sheet of the CBR 650R 2021:

  • engine: DOHC, 4 cylinders, 16 valves and liquid cooling;
  • torque: 6.5 kgf.m;
  • power: 95 hp with 12,000 rpm;
  • front suspension: 41 mm inverted telescopic fork;
  • rear suspension: cast aluminum swing arm with 10 preload adjustment positions;
  • ignition: fully transistorized;
  • compression ratio: 11.6: 1;
  • CO2 emissions (g / km): 112 g / km of CO2;
  • exchange: 6 gears;
  • cylinder capacity: 649 cm3;
  • electronic injection;
  • fuel: gasoline;
  • fuel capacity: 15.4 liters;
  • battery: YTZ10 / FTZ10S 8.6h MF;
  • ground clearance: 130 mm
  • weight in running order: 207 kg.

Consumption of Honda CBR 650R 2021

With a capacity of 15.4 liters of fuel, the Honda CBR 650R 2021 spends 4.9 l / 100 km (20.4 km / l).

Honda CBR 650R Price

There is a forecast for this bike to be sold in USA, however, there is no certain date. Meanwhile, all we know is that the price of the Honda CBR 650R can get here costing a little more, taking into account the price in Europe: 8,950 euros.

As soon as there is more news about this CBR 650, we will keep this article updated.

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