Honda CG 160 2021: PRICES, Specification, Consumption and Photos

A motorcycle with great prominence in the market, the Honda CG 160 2021 was able to gain space among competitors and win the hearts of motorcycle enthusiasts. Being considered a machine that develops well both on the road and in the urban area, the Honda CG 160 2021 is quite in demand. To know all the details of this one that has been considered one of the great names in this branch, continue reading the following article.

Honda CG 160 2021

Even though it is a pricey motorcycle and popular demand, this machine does not disappoint. With good resourcefulness and evolution both on the roads and in the city, it is the option of many consumers for the cost benefit.

With a modern design and a lot of autonomy, this bike promises to ride a lot at a very low cost, thanks to the technology of its motorization.

Honda CG 160 2021

It must be for these and many other reasons that it is the best-selling motorcycle on the market. The motorcycle is available in some versions, they are:

  • Titan;
  • Fan;
  • Start;
  • Office.

The engine and internal parts of the versions are practically the same. We can notice the differences in the design and some specific items of series.

Honda CG 160 2021 specs

To purchase a motorcycle, what should be taken into account first is if it is really all you are looking for. Knowing the product in detail is the best way to know that you are following the right path.

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For this, see the details of the Honda CG 160 2021 in detail!

⋙ Motorization

  • Type: OHC, Monocylindrical 4-stroke, air-cooled;
  • Displacement: 162.7 cc;
  • Maximum power: 14.9 hp at 8,000 rpm (Gasoline) / 15.1 hp at 8,000 rpm (Ethanol);
  • Maximum torque: 1.40 kgf.m at 6,000 rpm (Gasoline) / 1.54 kgf.m at 6,000 rpm (Ethanol);
  • Transmission: 5 speeds;
  • Starting system: Electric;
  • Diameter x Stroke: 57.3 x 63.0 mm;
  • Compression Ratio: 9.5: 1;
  • Power System: PGM-FI Electronic Injection;
  • Fuel: Gasoline and / or Ethanol.

⋙ Capacities and Dimensions

  • Fuel tank / Reserve: 16.1 liters;
  • Engine oil: 1.2 liter;
  • Length x Width x Height: 1996 x 739 x 1085 mm;
  • Wheelbase: 1315 mm;
  • Minimum distance from the ground: 196 mm;
  • Seat height: 790 mm;
  • Dry weight: 116 kg.

⋙ Chassis

  • Type: Diamond Frame;
  • Front suspension / Stroke: Telescopic fork / 135 mm;
  • Rear suspension / Stroke: Two shock absorbers / 106 mm;
  • Front brake / Diameter: A disc / 240 mm;
  • Rear brake / Diameter: Drum / 130 mm;
  • Front tire: 80/100 -18;
  • Rear tire: 90/90 -18.

In addition to these items, the bike can also compose:

  • Super modern digital panel with reader for total and partial odometer, it also has a fuel marker, clock, among other items for easy viewing;
  • Its sporty design provides greater robustness;
  • Tank that completes the style of the bike and provides better adaptation of the rider when sitting on the machine;
  • 5-rim wheel;
  • Brakes with CBS technology that provides greater safety when braking;
  • Reinforced front suspension.

To see even more details of this motorcycle, take a ride in the following video and see the opinion of those who understand motorcycle:

Consumption of CG 160 FAN 2021

Another factor of great relevance at the time of purchase is knowing about fuel consumption. You need to research the motorcycle’s range to see if it really fits your budget.

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The average consumption of the Honda CG 160 2021 is approximately 31 km / liter, depending on the form the driver will develop on the road.

Price of CG 160 FAN 2021

A motorcycle with a lot of market, the Honda CG 160 2021 is a very popular machine. As much as zero kilometers as it has already been driven, this will give buyers greater security in the knowledge that they will then be able to sell easily.

  • The value of CG 160 is from $ 1500.

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