Honda CG 160 Cargo 2021: PRICES, Specs, Consumption and Photos

A motorcycle that can handle heavy work is the Honda CG 160 Cargo 2021, created to ride the urban circuit, this motorcycle is conducive to carrying loads, thanks to its reinforced luggage rack. In addition to these details, the value is also quite attractive, and consumption has been attracting a lot of buyers. For all the details of the Honda CG 160 Cargo 2021, read the full article below.

Honda CG 160 Cargo 2021

A motorcycle with an easy-to-read panel, the Honda CG 160 Cargo 2021 is ideal for riding in the city. With the possibility of carrying up to 20kg in your luggage, this motorcycle can handle a lot of cargo for transportation.

The bike still has a modern design and has five hollow spokes, giving the product greater lightness. Still talking about design, the bike has a central easel, which helps a lot when parking, leaving the bike well supported without running the risk of falling.Honda CG 160 Cargo 2021

Regarding safety, the bike has a CBS brake, where the brakes are distributed between the rear and front wheels.

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The suspension is high, which provides greater stability on the bike and consequently greater safety for the rider.

According to the website Uol, in the Moto 1 column, Honda Cargo:

Aimed at commercial use, CG 160 Cargo features luggage rack with a capacity of up to 20 kg, central easel and digital panel with partial odometer. In mechanics, the 162.7 cm3 FlexOne engine develops 15.1 hp with ethanol and 14.9 hp with gasoline at 8,000 rpm. The maximum torque ranges from 1.54 kgfm (ethanol) to 1.40 kgfm (gasoline) at 6,000 rpm.

The motorcycle is sold exclusively in white.

Technical Data Honda CG 160 Cargo 2021

Before buying any motorcycle you need to know in detail all the product offers.

Buying a motorcycle should be a studied and researched procedure, so as not to purchase a product that cannot meet your expectations.

Therefore, to find out more about the Honda Cargo 2021, see the full product data sheet below:


  • Length x Width x Height: 2038 x 754 x 1085 mm
  • Seat height: 790 mm
  • Dry Weight: 119 kg
  • Wheelbase: 1315 mm
  • Minimum ground clearance: 170 mm


  • Type: OHC, Monocylindrical, 4-stroke, air-cooled
  • Maximum Power: 14.9 hp at 8,000 rpm (Gasoline) / 15.1 hp at 8,000 rpm (Ethanol)
  • Maximum Torque: 1.40 kgf.m at 6,000 rpm (Gasoline) / 1.54 kgf.m at 6,000 rpm (Ethanol)
  • Transmission: 5 speed
  • Displacement: 162.7 cc
  • Power System: PGM-FI Electronic Injection
  • Fuel: Gasoline and / or Ethanol
  • Starting System: Electric
  • Diameter x Stroke: 57.3 x 63.0 mm
  • Compression Ratio: 9.5: 1

Electrical system

  • Fuel Tank: 16.1 liters
  • Engine Oil: 1.2 liter


  • Type: Diamond Frame
  • Front Tire: 80/100 – 18
  • Rear Tire: 90/90 – 18
  • Front Brake / Diameter: A disc / 240 mm
  • Rear Brake / Diameter: Drum / 130 mm
  • Front Suspension / Stroke: Telescopic fork / 135 mm
  • Rear Suspension / Stroke: Two shock absorbers / 106 mm

Average consumption

One of the questions that most concern the riders at the time of purchase is knowing how much autonomy the motorcycle has.

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Buying a motorcycle goes beyond just making the payment at the time of purchase, you need to know when it costs to make it ride, considering that this will be an additional fixed expense in the month.

The average consumption of the Honda CG 160 Cargo is 38km / liter, this value can vary a lot according to the way of driving.

Price Honda CG 160 Cargo

One more question that hangs among those interested in buying Honda Cargo, to know about its value.

  • The price of the Honda CG 160 Cargo 2021, is from 1700 $.

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