Honda Lead 2021: Price, Photos, Consumption and Technical Data

The Honda Lead 2021 was replaced by the Elite 125. The scooter came to keep the price proposal in the 8 thousand range that kept the Honda Lead 2021 in the lead. Want to know what has changed and what has remained? Follow the evaluation!

So continue reading the article below and learn a little more about Honda Lead and what are the advantages of the bike.

What’s new with the Honda Lead 2021

One of the great differentials of Honda Lead’s successor is the limitation of pollutant emissions, which the old version of Lead did not have. Another differential of the new scooter is related to the air-cooled engine that made the cost of the bike cheaper and allowed the prices to remain practically intact

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A novelty in relation to the new Lead is the more responsive performance and comfort of the bike. Safety was also well calculated in relation to this launch, as it combines the CBS system, which allows braking without risk of locking.

Honda Lead 2021

Check out the main competitors of the Honda Lead 2021:

  • Yamaha Neo
  • Suzuki Burgman

Standard items Honda Lead 2021

The successor to Honda Lead comes with a 12-inch rim wheel and rear and seat shock absorbers. Lead’s platform has also changed, allowing the scooter to be fully steered without locking the rider’s knee, a notable difference from the previous version.

Check the list of standard items for the new scooter:

  • 100% digital panel
  • Automatic change
  • LED lighting
  • Object holder
  • Hook for carrying bags or backpacks
  • Central easel
  • Side stand
  • CBS brake
  • Length x Width x Height: 1735 x 689 x 1118 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1223 mm
  • Minimum ground clearance: 133 mm
  • Seat height: 772 mm
  • Dry Weight: 104 kg

Safer, the lighting of the new Honda Lead is entirely LED, which means more clarity and lighting at night and better visualization of the rider during the day.

Motorcycle technical sheet

The previous version of Lead housed the gas tank on the platform. In the new version, the Honda Lead 2021 houses the tank behind the helmet holder, with accessibility through the seat cover.

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Check out the complete technical information of the new Honda Lead:

  • Engine: 4 stroke / OHC, single cylinder, 2V / 115 cc / water cooled;
  • Ignition: electronic;
  • Power: electronic injection;
  • Exchange: automatic, CVT type;
  • Departure: electric;
  • Compression ratio: 11.0: 1;
  • Diameter x stroke (mm): 50 x 55;
  • Torque (mkgf at rpm): 0.97 to 6000;
  • Front suspension: telescopic fork with 90 mm travel;
  • Rear: laterally mono-damped oscillating scale with 84 mm travel;
  • Power (cv at rpm): 9.2 to 7500;
  • Chassis Frame: monobloc;
  • Front tires: 90/90 – 12;
  • Rear: 100/90 – 10.
  • Front Brakes: 190 mm diameter disc;
  • Rear: 130 mm diameter drum;

Considering the general aspects of the Honda Lead 2021, notable changes have been developed, which leads to significant improvements made by the brand. As soon as there are updates regarding the scooter technical sheet, we will inform you on this channel.

Lead fuel consumption

In addition to the surrounding price, another draw of the current Lead is in relation to the economy. As this bike is widely used in urban stretches, it does not give up on low consumption as indicated in the table below:

Sports consumption: 29.00 km per liter;
Economic consumption: 49.00 km per liter.

Price Honda Lead 2021

For now, the price of Honda Lead’s successor is in the range of $ 1400. The colors available for this launch range from Matte Blue, White, Matte Black and Solid Red.

If there is any update regarding this or any other information mentioned on this page, we will notify you shortly.

Check now more photos of this launch and an explanatory video of the new Honda Lead 2021.

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