Honda PCX 150 2021: Prices, Photos, Versions and Colors

The Honda PCX 150 2021 comes to remain one of the best-selling scooter models in the country. To this end, Honda maintained the classic style of the PCX 150, but gave a touch of modernity combined with ABS brakes. So it is very likely that this Honda PCX 150 2021 will conquer your audience once again!

Available in four versions, one with CBS brakes, the scooter aims to maintain the economy and practicality that have made it a sales success. More than that, there is strong evidence that the PCX 150 comes with a VTEC 2021 engine, to go head-to-head with the Yamaha NMAX 160.

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What has changed in the new generation of the PCX 150 2021?

Honda can invest in a new engine for its Honda PCX 150 2021. According to information on the Asia patent, the new generation of the PCX scooter may adopt the VTEC engine, with four valves and one variable, to make it more efficient.

This means reduced fuel consumption and also reduced emissions of pollutants. That is, perfect for those looking for a motorcycle with a beautiful, robust, effective design, but without harming the environment.

The expectation is that with this VTEC engine, the PCX 150 can have the same power and torque as the models sold in Asia: 14.7 hp and 1.34 kgfm against 13.2 hp and 1.38 kgfm nationally.Honda PCX 150 2021:

And, since we mentioned the design, the look of this Honda PCX is robust, yes, with very aggressive lines, the way fans love it. The brand also brought four versions, each in a different color.

See the colors of the Honda PCX 150 2021 versions:

  • Sport ABS – Metallic silver;
  • DLX ABS – Pearly white;
  • PCX ABS – Metallic gray;
  • PCX CBS – Pearly dark blue or metallic gray.

The new generation of Honda PCX 150 2021, if it really comes with the VTEC 2021 engine, should face strong competitors. See who:

Honda PCX 150 2021 specs

For now, Honda has not yet released the new technical specifications for the 2021 model of the PCX 150. But, as soon as the automaker brings the news, the technical file below will be updated. Check out:


  • Type engine: OHC, Monocylindrical with 4 times, liquid cooled;
  • Displacement (cc): 149.3;
  • Maximum Power: 9.74 kW (13.2HP) at 8,500 rpm;
  • Maximum Torque: 13.5 N.m (1.38 kgf.m) at 5,000 rpm;
  • Fuel: Gasoline;
  • Transmission: V – MATIC;
  • Starting System: Electric;
  • Diameter (mm): 57.3;
  • Stroke (mm): 57.9;
  • Compression Ratio: 10.6: 1;
  • Power System: Electronic Injection – PGM-FI.


  • Chassis type: Double cradle;
  • Front Suspension: Telescopic fork;
  • Stroke (mm): 100;
  • Rear Suspension: Two shock absorbers;
  • Stroke (mm): 100;
  • Front Brake: Disc;
  • Diameter (mm): 220;
  • Rear Brake: Disc;
  • Diameter (mm): 220;
  • Front tire: 100/80 – 14M / C 48P;
  • Rear tire: 120 / 70-14M / C 61P.

Electrical system

  • Ignition: Electronic;
  • Headlight: LED;
  • Battery: 12V – 5 Ah.

Dimensions and capacities

  • Length (mm): 1,923;
  • Height (mm): 1,107;
  • Width (mm): 745;
  • Minimum distance from the ground (mm): 137;
  • Wheelbase (mm): 1,313;
  • Seat height (mm): 764;
  • Fuel Tank (Liters): 8;
  • Engine Oil (Liters): 0.9;
  • Dry Weight (Kg): 126.

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Consumption of the new generation PCX 150 2021

The Honda PCX 150 2021 has the proposal to be economical, but of course that depends on driving. There are people who will ride this classic scooter in order to spend more or less.

However, the automaker guarantees savings and, so far, the new generation PCX 150 should not disappoint. Check it out:

  • Possible consumption: 30 km per liter.

Price of Honda PCX 150 2021

Honda PCX 150 2021 prices are expected to vary, according to the versions available to date by the automaker.

Starting from the current table, the PCX DLX ABS version and Sport ABS cost $ 2500 each. PCX ABS is a little more affordable, but it is more expensive than Honda PCX CBS: 2300 $ versus 2000$, respectively.

More information about the PCX 150 2021, you know! Here in this article you will receive model updates as soon as the brand releases news.

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