Honda POP 110i 2021: Prices, Specs, Photos and News

The Honda POP 110i 2021 is that basic, everyday bike, but it is nonetheless efficient and comfortable. This applies very well to the red seat, with exclusive texture, and the CBS brake, which allows this Honda POP 110i 2021 to have a more balanced braking.

In addition, the Honda POP 110i 2021 is modern, bringing an excellent optical set with turn signals and taillights, and great lighting for night riding. It is no wonder that it is one of the most anticipated 2021 motorcycles for those seeking practicality, comfort and safety.

So get to know the new features of the new Honda POP and stay on top of its technical specifications, prices and design. Check out!

About Honda POP 110i 2021

The Honda POP 110i is that type of motorcycle that many love and that will now come with greater security, that’s why it is so awaited its arrival in 2021.

Such safety can be observed by the mandatory inclusion of CBS (Combined Brake System) brakes, since the POP 110i is of low displacement, while those with more than 300 displacement must come with ABS.

This way, this Honda urban bike can be ridden on different pavements, being possible to apply the brakes on both wheels, helping to reduce the braking time so that the stop is faster.

Available in black, white and red, the Honda POP 110i 2021 surprises with a seat in exclusive texture to make riding more comfortable, in addition to being red (for white POP), giving a more beautiful and refined touch.

Honda POP 110i 2021

Honda is planning the arrival of the new POP as a measure to compete with other automakers. Here are the main competitors of the POP 1010i:

Honda POP 2021 Specification Sheet

The new Honda POP 2021 should bring the same mechanics as the previous version, this includes electronic injection, which helps the bike to perform well and save fuel.

In addition, the POP 110i weighs only 87 kg, runs on gasoline and has less than 200 cylinders, with a 4-speed gearbox.

See other data from the Honda POP 110i 2021 data sheet:


  • Type: OHC, Monocylindrical, 4-stroke, air-cooled;
  • Displacement: 109.1 cc;
  • Maximum Power: 7.9 hp at 7,250 rpm;
  • Maximum Torque: 0.90 kgf.m at 5,000 rpm;
  • Transmission: 4 speeds;
  • Starting System: Pedal;
  • Diameter x Stroke: 50.0 x 55.6 mm;
  • Compression Ratio: 9.3: 1;
  • Power System: Electronic Injection PGM-FI;
  • Fuel: Gasoline;
  • Ignition: Electronic;
  • Battery: 12V – 4 Ah;
  • Headlight: 35/35 W.

Dimensions and capacities

  • Length x Width x Height: 1843 x 745 x 1033 mm;
  • Wheelbase: 1234 mm;
  • Minimum distance from the ground: 136 mm;
  • Seat height: 749 mm;
  • Dry Weight: 87 kg;
  • Fuel tank: 4.2 liters;
  • Engine oil: 1.0 liter.


  • Type: Monoblock;
  • Front Suspension / Stroke: Telescopic fork / 100 mm;
  • Rear Suspension / Stroke: Two shock absorbers / 83 mm;
  • Front Brake / Diameter: Drum / 110 mm;
  • Rear Brake / Diameter: Drum / 110 mm;
  • Front tire: 60/100 – 17;
  • Rear Tire: 80/100 – 14.

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Consumption of POP 110i 2021

The POP 110i 2021 was designed by Honda to run on all types of pavements and with good economy, as we have already presented in this post. Therefore, your consumption will have:

  • Average of 45 to 50 km / l.

Honda POP 110i price

Due to the adoption of CBS brakes, the Honda POP 110i bike will have a price increase over the previous model. Still, it is an excellent bet between low-displacement and low-consumption 2021 motorcycles.

So, see what the value:

  • POP 2021 price: between $ 1000 to $ 1100.

Soon, we will update this post with more information, as soon as Honda releases more news about its Honda POP 110i 2021. For now, stay with more photos of this beautiful bike:

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