Honda XRE 190 2021: Prices, Specs, Consumption and Photos

The Honda XRE 190 2021 was born under the slogan “Be recognized by the adventures you live”, and not for nothing. Designed to be an adventurous bike, ready for any type of terrain, the new Honda XRE 190 2021 brings safety, comfort and excellent handling with ABS brakes

In addition, Honda adopted a FlexOne engine, which allows the use of ethanol and gasoline in this beauty called XRE 190.

To learn more, follow the information about the new XRE and what else it has to offer fans of the Japanese brand. Enjoy and watch a comparison between her and Honda Bros in the video below!

Honda XRE 190 2021 news

For anyone who is a fan of the Honda automaker and was already looking for a motorcycle with an adventurous spirit, you can start celebrating: the brand launched the XRE 190 to enter the new decade with the right foot!

That’s because, with a robust look and precise lines that reinforce its size for any terrain, the Honda XRE 190 2021 line brings greater safety, thanks to the adoption of ABS brakes and long-haul suspensions.

In addition, the Japanese brand also invested in technology, of course, after all, it is an item that has already become indispensable in cars and motorcycles 2021, and this Honda XRE 190 2021 would be no different!

Honda XRE 190 2021

Therefore, we found a 100% digital panel and a double layer taillight for better lighting.

To complete the list of novelties, this Honda XRE 190 2021 also received an exclusive 190cc bi-fuel engine, being able to operate, in this way, with ethanol and gasoline.

But, you know what? Honda’s new model is incredible even for its competitors, since this version also competes with the brand itself.

See, then, the main rivals of the XRE:

Technical sheet of the new XRE 190 2021

We already mentioned in the previous topic the great news that Honda brought to this Honda XRE 190 2021, which is a 190cc bi-fuel engine. But, for those who have this curiosity, the fact that this bike accepts two types of fuel, does not change much in its power and torque.

So, take a look at the model’s technical sheet for you to understand:


  • Type: OHC, Monocylindrical, 4-stroke, air-cooled;
  • Engine capacity: 184.4 cc;
  • Maximum Power: 16.3 hp at 8,500 rpm (Gasoline) / 16.4 hp at 8,500 rpm (Ethanol);
  • Maximum Torque: 1.65 kgf.m at 6,000 rpm (Gasoline) / 1.66 kgf.m at 6,000 rpm (Ethanol);
  • Transmission: 5 speeds;
  • Starting System: Electric;
  • Diameter x Stroke: 61.0 x 63.1 mm;
  • Compression Ratio: 9.5: 1;
  • Power System: Electronic Injection PGM-FI;
  • Fuel: Gasoline and / or Ethanol;
  • Ignition: Electronic;
  • Battery: 12V – 5 Ah;
  • Headlight: 35/35 W.


  • Type: Semi Double Cradle;
  • Front Suspension / Stroke: Telescopic fork / 180 mm;
  • Rear Suspension / Stroke: Mono Shock / 150 mm;
  • Front Brake / Diameter: A disc / 240 mm;
  • Rear Brake / Diameter: Disc / 220 mm;
  • Front tire: 90/90 – 19;
  • Rear Tire: 110/90 – 17.

Dimensions and capacities

  • Length: 2075 mm;
  • Width: 821 mm;
  • Height: 1179 mm;
  • Wheelbase: 1358 mm;
  • Minimum distance from the ground: 241 mm;
  • Seat height: 836 mm;
  • Dry Weight: 127 kg.

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Consumption of Honda XRE 190 2021

As it is a bi-fuel engine, the Honda XRE 190 promises savings for its average consumption in 2021, both for the city and for the road. See the numbers:

  • City consumption – Gasoline: 24 km / Liter / Ethanol: 20 km / Liter;
  • Road consumption – Gasoline: 30 km / Liter / Ethanol: 27 km / Liter.

XRE 190 2021 price

Compared to other models in the category, the Honda XRE 190 2021 may have an affordable price, even with its modernity, economy and safety. Let us see, then, the most recent amount charged:

  • XRE 190 price: 2600$.

Therefore, an adventurous, biofuel, safe and comfortable motorcycle – this is the proposal of the Honda XRE 190, and we expect more news for 2021. Therefore, as soon as more information comes out, this article will be updated.

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