Hornet CB 300 2021: Price, Specs, Consumption and Photos

Who has never had a Hornet? The model that was part of many people’s lives has a new look with the Hornet CB 300 2021. But, despite all the success, the new Hornet CB 300 2021 has gained new items and a name. Yes! Hornet is now Honda CB 650F!

To know everything about this Hornet’s redesigned CB 300 and understand the name change, just continue reading this post until the end. Follow!

What happened to the Hornet CB 300?

The darling of the audience with 20 years of history is no longer the same. Since its launch here, the motorcycle with a plump and sloping rear, imitating a wasp (hence the name Hornet) has been losing ground.

Gradually, the automaker Honda was taking the Hornet CB 300 out of circulation, which makes it evident that we will not have a 2021 version.

Hornet CB 300 2021

However, Honda decided to launch a successor, called CB 650F, with an aesthetic look similar to the legendary Hornet and in striking colors: orange and red.

The new version brings modernity and comfort to the longing Hornet fans, although there are those who turn their nose at the Honda model. You can’t please everyone, can you?

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The look of the old Hornet CB 300

And, since Hornet has won a new version, let’s discover the Honda CB 650F’s competitors:

Yamaha MT-07 2021;
Yamaha XJ6 N.

Serial items of the successor to the Hornet CB 300 2021

Anyone who has had a Hornet should remember how it innovated as soon as they stepped onto Brazilian soil, so the CB 300 2021, or better saying, Honda’s CB 650F cannot disappoint.

Check out the serial items of the successor to the Hornet 2021:

  • ABS brakes;
  • LED headlamp;
  • SDBV suspension;
  • Digital panel;
  • Inspirational snoring of the 4 cylinders;
  • Concentrated torque.

For now, these are the standard features of the CB 650F. As soon as the automaker releases more news, this article will be updated.

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Technical sheet of the new version of CB 300 2021

When Hornet started to get its name out of the new releases, it delivered 102 hp at 12,000 rpm. It was considered a great engine, but the new version of the CB 300 reduced the settings.

See the technical data sheet for CB 650F 2021, Hornet CB 300 version:


  • Engine Type: DOHC, with four 4-stroke cylinders;
  • Cooling: Liquid;
  • Cylinder (cc): 649;
  • Maximum power (CV and rpm): 88.5 and 11,000;
  • Maximum touch (Kgf.m and rpm): 6.22 and 8.000;
  • Transmission: 6 speeds;
  • Starting system: Electric;
  • Diameter (mm): 67.0;
  • Stroke (mm): 46.0;
  • Compression system: 11.4: 1;
  • Feeding system: PGM-FI electronic ignition;
  • Fuel: Gasoline.

Dimensions and capacities

  • Length (mm): 2.107;
  • Width (mm): 753;
  • Height (mm): 1,149;
  • Between axles (mm): 1449;
  • Minimum distance from the ground (mm): 133;
  • Seat height (mm): 810;
  • Dry weight (Kg): 200;
  • Engine oil (L): 17.3;
  • Fuel tank (L): 3.5;
  • Front brake: Disc;
  • Diameter: 320 ABS;
  • Rear brake: Disc;
  • Diameter: 140 ABS;
  • Front tire: 120/70 – 17M / C;
  • Rear tire: 180/55 – 17M / C.

Hornet CB 300 2021 consumption

The average consumption of the successor to the Hornet CB 300 is one of the items that draws the most attention from those who intend to buy a motorcycle. According to Honda, this CB 650F 2021 version has an estimated consumption of 22 km / l.

Prices of the new version of the Hornet Honda CB 300

Some think it fair, others complain that the Honda CB 650F 2021 had its engine reduced at a high price, compared to Hornet CB 300.

Let’s see what is the value of the new version of the Hornet 2021 and whether it is worth investing in the successor?

  • Average version price: $ 6500.

Therefore, the Hornet CB 300 is now Honda CB 650F. New configuration, new name, but design similar to the legendary “wasp”. Be sure to visit us for possible updates!

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