Hornet CB 600 2021: Price, Photos, Consumption and Technical Data

The Hornet CB 600 was a motorcycle that was widely sold in the USA in the 10 years that it was marketed. Gaining many fans of the model, Honda is thinking about the possibility of releasing the Hornet CB 600 2021 motorcycle again. To learn more about the Hornet CB 600 2021, see the following full article!

Hornet CB 600 2021

A motorcycle that left the US in love was the naked Hornet CB 600, with a modern and robust look, conquered the mark of almost 50 thousand units sold.

With the following items the motorcycle has always been successful:

Inline 4-cylinder engine with 96/102 horsepower;
Final speed of 250 km / h;
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.5 seconds;
Sports exhaust;
ABS brakes;
New graphics in different colors;
LED flashlights.

The Auto Esporte website conducted a more complete interview about the Hornet CB 600 and left the possibility of Honda re-marketing this motorcycle in 2021.

Sales leader in the high-cylinder naked category for 10 years, Hornet even became the subject of songs, with MC Guimê’s “Plaquê de 100”.

The Japanese automaker recently revived major names like CB 500, Africa Twin and Twister. Could Hornet be next? In an exclusive interview with G1, the president of Honda in South America, Issao Mizoguchi made revelations about the future of the motorcycle.

“I believe that they have preserved the Hornet name for perhaps a future opportunity. It cannot be used for any Hornet model, I believe, ”said Issao Mizoguchi.”

In the period that was marketed in Brazil, Hornet had 47,723 units sold between 2004 and 2014, yielding the leadership of the high cylinder naked segment for 10 years.

At its peak in 2009, Hornet sold 6,136 units in just one year. In 2017, the CB 500F, the new leader in the segment, reached 2,149 units, while the CB 650F, which replaced the Hornet, reached just 758 units.

“So let’s say that this name is being kept for future opportunities”, completed Issao Mizoguchi.

Hornet CB 600 2021

Hornet technical sheet

Despite not having a new model for sale, the Hornet CG 600 has an excellent technical sheet, still being sought after by many for purchase, even if it is a second-hand motorcycle.

➤ Find out what’s new in the 2021 models:

To see all the details of the motorcycle, see the complete technical sheet and analyze in detail all the items that made this motorcycle a success.


  • Engine: 4-stroke / 4-cylinder / 16V DOHC / 599.3 cc / water cooled;
  • Power supply: PGM-FI electronic injection;
  • Ignition: electronic;
  • Departure: electric;
  • Diameter x stroke (mm): n / a;
  • Compression rate: n / a;
  • Power (cv at rpm): 102 to 12000;
  • Torque (mkgf at rpm): 6.53 to 10500;
  • Exchange: 6 gears, final transmission by chain;

Chassis: Diamond type, aluminum.

  • Dimensions and capacities:
  • Length (cm): 208.5;
  • Height / width (cm): 109/76;
  • Wheelbase (cm): 143.5;
  • Weight: (kg) 173/177 (ABS);
  • Free range (cm): 13.5;
  • Seat height (cm): 80.4;
  • Tank (l): 19.

Suspension and Brakes:

  • Front suspension: inverted hydraulic telescopic fork;
  • Rear Suspension: articulated balance type hydraulic damping link and helical spring;
  • Front Brakes: 296 mm double floating disc, with 4 opposite piston calipers;
  • Brakes Rear: 240 mm single disc and single piston sliding caliper;
  • Tires Front: 120/70 – 17 Rear: 180/55 – 17.

Hornet Price CB 600F 2021

The Hornet’s value was as of 6200$ when it was still sold counting 0 Km.

Currently, as the bikes are already with some mileage, considering that Honda is not temporarily manufacturing the model, therefore, this value should start to fall.

For the relaunch of the model, this value must be updated and come much more salty.

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