Hornet CB 600F 2021: PRICES, Specification, Consumption and Photos

A motorcycle that gained followers wherever it went was the Hornet CB 600F 2021. It was manufactured in the country for years and stopped being produced in 2014, disappointing fans. However, there is a possibility that the Hornet CB 600F 2021 will return to the market. Meanwhile, it is possible to find some models still on the market. If you are interested in the machine, see the following article!

Hornet CB 600F 2021

Hornet was manufactured in the country until 2014, having been replaced that year by CB 650F.

However, the replacement was not as well accepted as its predecessor. Hornet CB 600F 2021 was widely marketed in the years it was on the market, becoming the passion of many USA.

According to the G1 website, in the Auto Esporte column:

Honda’s president in South America, Issao Mizoguchi made revelations about the future of the motorcycle “I believe they have preserved the Hornet name for perhaps a future opportunity. It cannot be used for any Hornet model, I believe ”

Leaving in the air the possibility of the bike returning to the market, research on the model is even more intense. With a sporty footprint and robust model, the Hornet is a name that is not easily erased.Hornet CB 600F 2021

Technical sheet of the new Hornet CB 600F

To find out if the 2021 bike is really everything the buyer wants, it is essential to research the machine thoroughly. Knowing all the details it offers is essential for a clear purchase.

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It is important to carry out the research as this bike will accompany the buyer for a long time. See in detail the technical sheet of the Hornet CB 600F 2021:


  • Engine: 4-stroke / 4-cylinder / 16V DOHC / 599.3 cc / water cooled;
  • Diameter x stroke (mm): n / a;
  • Compression rate: n / a;
  • Power (cv at rpm): 102 to 12000;
  • Torque (mkgf at rpm): 6.53 to 10500;
  • Departure: electric;
  • Exchange: 6 gears, final transmission by chain;
  • Ignition: electronic;
  • Chassis: Diamond type, aluminum;Power supply: PGM-FI electronic injection.


  • Length (cm): 208.5;
  • Height / width (cm): 109/76;
  • Wheelbase (cm): 143.5;
  • Weight: (kg) 173/177 (ABS);
  • Free range (cm): 13.5;
  • Seat height (cm): 80.4;
  • Tank (l): 19.

Suspension and Braking System

  • Rear Suspension: articulated balance type hydraulic damping link and helical spring;
  • Front suspension: inverted hydraulic telescopic fork;
  • Tires Front: 120/70 – 17 Rear: 180/55 – 17;
  • Brakes Rear: 240 mm single disc and single piston sliding caliper;
  • Brakes Front: 296 mm double floating disc, with 4 opposite piston caliper.

Consumption Honda CB600F

One of the main questions when buying a motorcycle is about its consumption.

Knowing the autonomy of the Hornet CB 600F 2021 can be decisive when purchasing the property, which is why so many questions arise on the topic.

Consumption can be quite variable, depending on the pilot and how to fly. For those who like a sporty ride, the motorcycle makes an average of 18 km / liter, for those who can make the bike develop in a more economical way, it is possible to do 29 km / liter.

New price Hornet CB600F

Even though it is no longer manufactured, Hornet remains in the driver’s search field. That’s because this bike really won many fans and its replacement did not take its place.

As it was a very commercialized motorcycle, it is possible to find several of these on the market to be sold. However, these bikes will no longer be zero kilometers.

The trend is that the price of these bikes will fall more and more, until the appearance of a new rereading of the machine. When produced, Hornet was sold for 5900$ without ABS system and for 6200$ with ABS.

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