Kawasaki Z1000 2021: Specs, Colors and Prices

The Kawasaki Z1000 2021 has a strong chance of repeating the aggressive design and supernaked style of the previous version. In addition, the 1,043-cylinder engine guarantees this Kawasaki Z1000 2021 a smoother and more comfortable ride.It is no wonder that the new Z1000 motorcycle is called the ultimate supernaked. Kawasaki revised the suspensions to make this bike even more flexible.

Kawasaki Z1000 2021

Want to know more about what this modern supernaked Z1000 2021 has to offer? So just keep reading this article to find out about the technical sheet and prices of one more on the list of 2021 motorcycles. Check it out!

About the renewed Kawasaki Z1000 2021

With robust attributes, the new Kawasaki Z1000 2021 promises flexibility, performance and an excellent symbiotic finish between engine and chassis.

Known as Supernaked, the modern Z1000 provides a firmer and more direct ride, leaving your message of radical motorcycle. This is reflected in the tuned 1,043-cylinder 4-cylinder engine, electric injection and 142 hp of maximum power.

The suspensions have also been revised. Despite aggressive handling – which must be maintained for new versions – the Z1000 2021 brings improved damping for the pilot’s comfort.

Kawasaki Z1000 2021

In addition, the new Kawasaki Supernaked is very ergonomic, with wide-moving rear-view mirrors. This is excellent for improving rear visibility.

Another point that makes this Z1000 renewed is its exhaust system. To contribute to the environment, the exhaust is in compliance with Euro 4 / Promot 4 regulations, which indicate a motorcycle with cleaner emissions.

The bike is available in metallic black (Metallic Flat Spark Black) with red or green graphics, also found in the R Edition version.

About competitors, Kawasaki will need to take care to keep its Z1000 2021 among the best in the segment. See who the main rivals are:

Kawasaki Z1000 2021 spec sheet

The technical specifications of a motorcycle help to know the internal and external characteristics of a machine. So check out what to expect from the Kawasaki Z1000 2021 technical sheet below:


  • Type: DOHC, 16V, 4 stroke, 4 cylinders in line, liquid cooling;
  • Displacement: 1,043 cc;
  • Power: 142 hp at 10,000 rpm;
  • Torque: 11.3 kgfm at 7,300 rpm;
  • Compression ratio: 11.8: 1;
  • Fuel system: electric injection;
  • Transmission: 6 speeds.

Suspensions and brakes

  • Front: 41 mm inverted fork with adjustable spring compression, return and preload;
  • Rear: Horizontal back-link with gas shock absorber, also with return and adjustable spring preload;
  • Front: 310 mm petal-shaped double disc;
  • Front: Dual radial fixation with 4 opposing pistons;
  • Rear: Single 250 mm petal-shaped disc;
  • Rear: Single piston.


  • Total length: 2,045 mm;
  • Width: 790 mm;
  • Total height: 1,055 mm;
  • Between axles: 1,435 mm;
  • Minimum height from the ground: 125 mm;
  • Seat height: 815 mm;
  • Weight in running order: 221 kg;
  • Tank capacity: 17 liters.

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Average consumption of the Z1000 2021

Economy is not quite the strength of this Kawasaki Z1000 2021. Despite having a great finish and excellent power, this Supernaked spends 13 to 16 km per liter.

What is the price of a Kawasaki Z1000 2021?

Kawasaki is not a very cheap bike, but the performance, design and all the features it delivers can make it worthwhile to purchase a Z1000 2021.

Below, you can check the prices of the model we present and the version of the R Edition, see:

  • Kawasaki Z1000: $ 10100;
  • Kawasaki Z1000 R Edition: $ 10500.

These were the most recent data for the Supernaked Z1000 2021. If the Japanese automaker releases new information about this bike to the US, this article will be updated.

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