Kawasaki Z900 RS 2021: Prices, Specs, Photos, News

The Kawasaki Z900 RS 2021, promises a classic and modern motorcycle at the same time. Honoring the old “Z1 Super Four” from 1972, the new Kawasaki Z900 RS 2021 gets a new look with more modern items and much more technology. It guarantees to rescue the emotions of the motorcycles of the past. For lovers of motorcycles with reinterpretations of classic models, the Kawasaki k900 RS 2021 is a great choice.

New on Kawasaki k900 RS 2021

The first big news in the Kawasaki k900 RS 2021 is the extended warranty of 2 years. This gives more security to buyers, who in addition to purchasing a product of excellent quality, will still receive a warranty for more than 2 years.

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Another novelty is the timeless design using items from the old Z1 Super Four with current items, giving a touch of modernity to the product.

A highlight is the drop-shaped fuel tank gaining a touch of modernity with the LED lights on the oval lantern.

Kawasaki Z900 RS 2021

The new motorcycle also has traction control. Offering better performance to the driver, whether on the asphalt or on the trails.

The display panel is a separate item, gaining prominence, the speedometer and analog tachometer are integrated into a multifunctional LCD screen with negative display, giving a retro look but adapting the current technological features.

In addition, display functions include: total odometer, two partials, fuel gauge, remaining range, instantaneous and average fuel consumption, coolant temperature, external temperature, clock and economical pilot indicator

When riding, the motorcycle offers a comfortable position, regardless of the area, whether in the city or on the roads, the driver’s position will remain comfortable.

Technical Data Kawasaki Z900 RS 2021

To know all the technical details of the Kawasaki Z900 RS 2021, check the technical data in detail.

– Dimensions

  • Motorcycle weight: 215 kg
  • Tank: 17 liters
  • Height: 1,150 mm and the accent: 800 mm
  • Width: 865 mm
  • Z900 length: 2,100 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1,470 mm

– Streaming

In this model, it is possible to find its transmission in chains, with the total number of 6 speeds for its gears.

Technical Data Kawasaki Z900 RS 2021

– Performance

Maximum Power: 80.0 kW (109 hp), 8,500 per minute
Torque: 95.0 N.m (9.7 kgƒ.m), 6,500 per minute
– Engine with 4 cylinders
Cylinder types: DOHC
Displacement: 948 cm3
Diameter vs stroke: 73.4 by 56.0 mm
Power Type: Electronic Injection
Compression: 10.8: 1

– Steel truss chassis

High strength chassis
Steering angle for both: 35 °
Front and rear travel: 120 mm and 140 mm
Suspension type Front and rear, consecutively: Telescopic fork adjustable upside down and mono-damped with link, with adjustment

– Tire type

Front and rear tire: 120 / 70ZR17 M / C (58W) and 180 / 55ZR17 M / C (73W)
Front and rear brake: 2 300 mm discs (effective diameter: 267 mm), radial mounting monobloc calipers with 4 pistons and 1 250 mm disc (effective diameter: 216 mm) 2 piston caliper

Pros and Cons of the Kawasaki Z900 RS 2021

As we know, all motorcycles have negative and positive points, it would be no different with the Kawasaki Z900 RS 2021, see:

Positives of the Kawasaki Z900 RS 2021:

  • Safety;
  • Power;
  • Technology;
  • Comfort;
  • Stable riding.

Negative points about the Kawasaki Z900 RS 2021:

  • Final purchase price.
  • For anyone who is willing to invest in this motorcycle, and does not find value a big problem, this motorcycle is perfect.

Price Kawasaki Z900 RS 2021

For lovers of the model, the value of the Kawasaki Z900 RS 2021 has not yet been released, but it will be soon, using the parameters of 2019, the value of the Kawasaki Z900 RS 2021 is 8500 $ (without shipping).

That is, to be able to have one of these at home, it is necessary to pay a considerable amount.

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