Kawasaki Z900 RS 2021: Prices, Specs, Photos and News

Kawasaki, one of the main motorcycle brands worldwide, arrives on the market with its newest launch, the Kawasaki Z900 RS 2021. With a classic design combined with all the technology of today, the model promises aggressiveness and safety for the rider . So, if you are a motorcycle fan, find out here all about the Kawasaki Z900 RS 2021!

Kawasaki Z900 RS 2021

Who likes those classic bikes, from the 1960s and 1970s, the Kawasaki Z900 RS 2021 comes to do a re-reading of those models.

However, the Kawasaki bike comes with a sports bike power, with 109 hp engine. With this, the Z900 RS 2021 becomes versatile, both for taking the road or just for day-to-day activities in large cities.

Among sports bikes, the Kawasaki Z900 RS 2021 is considered to be one of the main models, competing with bikes such as the Suzuki Hayabusa 2021 and Ducati Scrambler Icon 2021.

Kawasaki Z900 RS 2021

Key news Z900 RS 2021

If you are passionate about 2021 bikes and are always looking for news, you should know that bikes are coming with more and more props and technologies.

Thus, the Kawasaki Z900 RS 2021 would be no different. To compete with the main models, the bike has standard items such as telescopic fork, giving greater comfort and resistance in the suspension.

In addition, the Z900 RS 2021 comes with an ABS brake, which has become mandatory in recent years. In addition, check out the main news of the Kawasaki Z900 RS 2021:

  • Multifunctional instrument panel;
  • Flashlight in “z” format;
  • Assisted and sliding clutch;
  • ABS as standard;
  • Inverted telescopic fork;

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Technical sheet Kawasaki Z 900RS 2021

In addition to knowing the main news of the Kawasaki Z900 RS 2021, whoever will buy the bike wants to know all the details, to compare and evaluate the cost benefit.

Therefore, the technical sheet is always the most sought after information when searching for a motorcycle. This is because the card contains detailed information, mainly about engine, chassis, suspension and dimensions.

So, to let you know everything about the Kawasaki Z900 RS 2021, check out the full technical sheet below:


  • Total length 2,100 mm
  • Overall width 865 mm
  • Total height 1,150 mm
  • Wheelbase 1,470 mm
  • Ground height 130 mm
  • Seat height 800 mm
  • Weight (running order) 215 kg
  • Tank capacity 17 liters


  • Type 4-cylinder DOHC
  • Diameter x stroke 73.4 x 56.0 mm
  • Displacement 948 cm3
  • Compression ratio 10.8: 1
  • Electronic injection (4x 36 mm)


  • Type High strength steel truss
  • Suspension: Front Adjustable upside-down telescopic fork (spring preload, 10 compression settings and 12 return settings)
  • Suspension: Rear Mono-damped with link, adjustable (return and spring preload)
  • Stroke: Front 120 mm
  • Stroke: Rear 140 mm
  • 25 ° caster
  • Trail 98 mm
  • Steering angle (left / right) 35 ° / 35 °
  • Tire: Front 120 / 70ZR17 M / C (58W)
  • Tire: Rear 180 / 55ZR17 M / C (73W)
  • Brake: Front 2 discs of 300 mm (effective diameter: 267 mm), monobloc radial mounting calipers with 4 pistons
  • Brake: Rear 1 250 mm disc (effective diameter: 216 mm) 2 piston caliper


  • Final chain drive
  • Number of gears 6 speeds
  • Gear ratio: 1st 2.917 (35/12)
  • 2nd 2,059 (35/17)
  • 3rd 1,650 (33/20)
  • 4th 1.409 (31/22)
  • 5th 1,222 (33/27)
  • 6th 0.967 (29/30)

Market price Z 900 RS

A bike with so many qualities like the Kawasaki Z900 RS 2021 ends up trying to get a higher price than those bikes considered popular.

However, for a sports model, such as the Z900 RS 2021, the price is within the average compared to competitors.

It is worth mentioning that this price does not include shipping and document transfer fees. Also, see the Kawasaki Z900 RS starting price projection:

  • Market price Kawasaki Z900RS 2021: $ 9000;

Fuel consumption

A motorcycle like the Kawasaki Z900 RS 2021 should always be up to date so that it can deliver the best results.

Considering that the maintenance is done correctly, the estimate is that the Z900 RS 2021 has a range of more than 300 km.

In addition, fuel consumption is important to calculate the costs of the bike on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, check the consumption projection below:

Average consumption Kawasaki Z900 RS: 18 km / l;

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