New Ducati Scrambler Icon 2021: Price and Specs

In addition to practicality in the traffic of large cities, a motorcycle can also be interesting for its sport model and beauty. Well, the new Ducati Scrambler Icon 2021 seems to bring all these items together at once. The model arrives in US redesigned and with good news for lovers of two wheels. Then check out in this article everything about the new Ducati Scrambler Icon 2021!

New Ducati Scrambler Icon 2021

Ducati has been increasingly launching its new motorcycle models in US. This time, with the new Ducati Scrambler Icon 2021, the automaker intends to gain space between high-end bikes for good.

Despite not competing in the same sales volume with Honda and Yamaha, for example, Ducati has been gaining space, competing with Suziki and Kawasaki.

The launch of the new Ducati Scrambler Icon 2021 brings as its main novelties the wider handlebars, to offer total comfort to the rider, in addition to aluminum finishes. See below the main competitions:

New Ducati Scrambler Icon 2021

Scrambler Icon series items

In order to establish a comparison between the new Ducati Scrambler Icon 2021 and the other 2021 bikes, customers take into account several factors.

One of them for sure is the list of standard items that the bike brings, that is, in the basic model, which are the props and amenities available.

Therefore, in the list of standard items, we can highlight the ABS brake, which gives the driver more safety. In addition, the new alloy wheels give an even bolder look to the new Ducati Scrambler Icon.

So, check out the complete list of motorcycle serial items below:

  • ABS Bosch Cornering;
  • Panel with fuel and gear indicator;
  • Adjustable Hydraulic Clutch;
  • LED arrows and headlamp with DRL;
  • Alloy Wheels;
  • All Black Engine;
  • New exhaust tip;
  • New suspension adjustments;
  • New shape and density of the seat foam;

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New technical sheet Scrambler Icon

In addition to looking at the beauty of the new Ducati Scrambler Icon 2021, the rider also wants to know all the technical details of the bike, to see how much the model has the items he likes.

Thus, nothing better than looking at the technical data sheet of the bike, where all the information on engine suspension, cylinders and much more are available.

In addition to the technical information, the new Ducati Scrambler Icon 2021 data sheet is also interesting to compare with other models.

Therefore, check out the technical sheet below:

  • Bi-Cylindrical L-shaped engine, desmodromic distribution with 2 valves per cylinder, air cooled
  • Cylinder 803 cc
  • Power 73 HP (54 kW) at 8,250 rpm
  • Torque 6.8 kgf.m (67 Nm) at 5,750 rpm
  • 6-speed gearbox
  • Fuel tank capacity 13.5 L
  • Dry weight 173 kg
  • Seat height 798 mm

Market value Ducati Scrambler Icon 2021

Unlike other more popular bikes, the new Ducati Scrambler Icon 2021 has a high market value by USA standards.

On the other hand, if the comparison is made in relation to sports models, such as the Ducati Scrambler Icon itself, the market value becomes quite competitive.

Anyway, for those who are fanatical about emotions on two wheels ends up compensating, mainly for the quality of the model.

Currently, the new Ducati Scrambler Icon 2021 is costing around 8700$, which may vary according to additional items.

Consumption new Ducati Scrambler Icon 2021

As it is a sports bike, the new Ducati Scrambler Icon 2021 does not have the low consumption of popular bikes.

But considering engine capacity and power, consumption can be seen as very satisfactory. Mainly for a model that is mostly used in long distance travel.

Check out the consumption projection of the new Ducati Scrambler Icon 2021:

  • Average consumption: 20 Km / l

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