New Kawasaki Z650 2021: Price, Specs and Colors

The new Kawasaki Z650 2021 arrives on the USA market to offer an even more powerful sports bike option. Keeping the same technical details as the previous versions, the model comes with two color options: green and black. In addition, the new Kawasaki Z650 2021 has a light body, which offers even more speed. So check out the following article and learn all about the new Kawasaki bike!

New Kawasaki Z650 2021

New Kawasaki Z650 2021

For lovers of two wheels, the new Kawasaki Z650 2021 offers fuel economy, having a range of approximately 350 km, but without losing the power characteristic of the model.

In addition, the Kawasaki Z650 2021 has a compact panel, showing all information in a simple and direct way, making the pilot’s life easier.


  • Engine type: 2 cylinders, 4 stroke;
  • Cylinder capacity: 649 cc;
  • Transmission: 6 speeds;
  • Valve system: 8 valves;
  • Fuel system: Electronic injection;
  • Compression ratio: 10.8: 1;
  • Diameter x Stroke: 83.0 x 60.0 mm;
  • Departure: Electric;
  • Lubrication: Forced lubrication (semi-dry sump);
  • Ignition: Digital;


  • Rear: Type – Single 220 mm daisy-shaped disc;
  • Rear: Caliper – Single piston;
  • Front: Type – 300 mm double daisy-shaped disc;
  • Front: Caliper – Double piston;


  • Tank capacity: 15 liters;
  • Seat height: 790 mm;
  • Minimum height from the ground: 130 mm;
  • Total height: 1,080 mm;
  • Total length: 2,055 mm;
  • Weight (With fuel and oil): 187 Kg;
  • Total width: 775 mm;
  • Between axles: 1,410 mm;


  • Maximum torque: 65.7 N • m (6.7 kgf • m) / 6,500 rpm;
  • Maximum power: 50.2 kW (68 hp) / 8,000 rpm.

Average consumption

Anyone who buys a motorcycle with as many qualities as the new Kawasaki Z650 should know that maintenance is up to date, leading to scheduled revisions at the right time.

This care directly interferes with the performance of the bike, in addition to maintaining lower fuel consumption. Under normal conditions, the Kawasaki Z650 2021 has a consumption considered very good, considering its power.

See below the projection of average consumption, according to tests made by the automaker:

  • Average consumption new Kawasaki Z650 2021: 23 km / liter;

Price Kawasaki Z650 2021

With all these attributes, it is possible to project that the purchase price of the new Kawasaki Z650 2021 is more expensive. However, the bike has a very interesting price, even more if we take into account the value of competing models.

It should be noted, however, that resellers may have a higher value compared to that suggested by the brand. But in general, the value usually follows this pattern.

In addition, the price of the Kawasaki Z650 does not include the shipping cost and transfer fee for the documents, which are negotiated separately.

In addition, check out the Kawasaki Z650 price projection:

  • New average price Kawasaki Z650 2021: $ 5700;

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