New Model BMW F850 GS 2020: Prices, Data Sheet, Photos, New Technologies

That there are bikes for all kinds of tastes is the absolute truth. But with the of the New Model BMW F850 GS 2020 it seems that we find a model that fits into all possibilities. And if you’re one of those who like true powers, you’ve come to the right place. In addition to much strength, the New Model BMW F850 GS 2020 comes bathed in even more bold technologies.

So we’ve gathered the main information about this machine, so you can feel the taste of having it around. Keep reading and find out what’s  in the New Model BMW F850 GS 2020 to get your top competitors on the market!

New Model BMW F850 GS

Among many others, one of the most awaited bikes by United Statess is the BMW F850 GS. That’s because it comes with quite significant changes, to complement its sporty look. And if you are one of those who refer a motorcycle full of personality, this model has several reasons to win you.

New Model BMW F850 GS 2020

With well designed and highlighted seat colors for each model, the new BMW F850 GS 2020 appears higher than normal. Even so, in her images we can see that she is very comfortable. In addition to the protection in this super-bold bench, the hand protectors that already with the model, make it even safer.

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What’s New in the New Model BMW F850 GS 2020

And among so many good news, the news of the New Model BMW F850 GS 2020 can clarify for us a model full of new technologies. Made especially for those who like being on the road, this model comes even more stable and as we have already said, with new safety items.

Speaking also in technology, the new BMW F850 GS comes with a computer integrated in its panel. That way, we can have the idea that we will have more items besides the mileage and GPS. And how do we hope, does not it?

New look for the New Model BMW F850 GS 2020

Even without losing the standard sports bike, it is expected to come even more comfortable than its similar models. In addition to having a very attractive color option, the new look of the New Model BMW F850 GS 2020 comes with anodized suspension fork with gold-colored paint and a galvanized radiator finish.

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Leaving your look sensational and unique. See the color options:

  • Racing Red;
  • Light White;
  • Pollux Metallic Matt.

Technical specifications of the New Model BMW F850 GS 2020

It is always through the datasheet that we can identify the quality items that we have in any vehicle. Therefore, we separate the main details of the datasheet of the BMW F850 GS 2020. See its main details:

  • Type: 2-cylinder in-line engine with 4-stroke water cooling, 4 valves per cylinder;
  • Diameter x stroke: 84 mm x 77 mm;
  • Output reduction OE: 63 Nm at 4,500 rpm;
  • Compression ratio: 12.7: 1;
  • Maximum speed: 200 km / h;
  • Battery: 12 V / 10 Ah, maintenance-free;
  • Displacement: 853 cc;
  • Max. Torque: 92 Nm at 6,250 rpm.


  • Wheelbase: 1,593 mm;
  • Tires front: 90/90 21;
  • Rear Tires: 150/70 R17;
  • Frame, Frame: Bridge-type structure, steel shell construction;
  • Front / Suspension Location: Telescopic Fork Upside Down, Ø 43 mm;
  • Location of rear wheel / suspension: Dual cast aluminum swingarm, WAD spring center bracket, hydraulically adjustable spring preload;
  • ABS: New Model BMW Motorrad ABS (disengageable).


  • Length: 2,305 mm;
  • Width (Mirrors): 922 mm;
  • Usable tank volume: 15 l;
  • Reservation approx .: 3,5 l;
  • Height (excluding Mirrors): 1,356 mm;
  • Seat height, unladen weight: 860 mm;
  • Unladen weight, ready for road, fully stocked: 229 kg;
  • Total allowed weight: 445 kg.

If new details are added, do not worry. we will always keep you updated with the latest news about the BMW F850 GS 2020.

Consumption of the New Model BMW F850 GS 2020

Just as their similar models, the consumption of the BMW F850 GS 2020 were quite relevant compared to the standards. And for a motorcycle with so much power, its consumption got a good one. Check out:

  • 11.2 km / l – both city and highway.

Price of the new New Model BMW F850 GS 2020

  • New Model BMW F850 GS Sport: $ 11300;
  • New Model BMW F850 GS Premium: $ 12100;
  • New Model BMW F850 GS Premium +: $ 13100.

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