New Model BMW G 310 R 2020: Specification, Price, Consumption, Engine

The New Model BMW G 310 R 2020 is a motorcycle inspired by famous German adventurers that features a striking style, robust performance and an engine that further elevates its category, so we have gathered model details and brought you to know more about the New Model BMW G 310 R 2020!

The new New Model BMW G 310 R 2020 inherits from the first launches the original concept that brought acrobatic DNA to the motorcycle, thus wasting more agility and flexibility in the urban environment or on the road!

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Features of the New Model BMW G 310 R 2020

Despite the dashing look, the New Model BMW G 310 R 2020 is an easy-to-ride motorcycle due to its innovative cycling, as well as being a very comfortable model that offers an ergonomic seat and fuel tank with elaborate design for added convenience.

New Model BMW G 310 R 2020

In design the new New Model BMW G 310 R 2020 also features a front fairing that incorporates the headlight offering a more modern look for the motorcycle.

The fuel tank also features bold shapes that highlight its roadster style, as well as its side view that is highlighted by symmetrical and imposing lines.

Colors of the New Model BMW G 310 R 2020

Speaking in color the new New Model BMW G 310 R brings 3 options to the market, they are:

  • Blue;
  • White;
  • Black.

Technical specifications of the New Model BMW G 310 R 2020

For technical details of this launch we have the technical data sheet of the New Model BMW G 310 , below we have information of the same as its motorization and dimensions, check:


  • Single-cylinder, 4-stroke, 4-valve dual-valve, water-cooled type;
  • Diameter / stroke: 80 mm x 62.1 mm;
  • Displacement: 313 ccm;
  • Maximum power: 34 hp at 9,200 rpm;
  • Maximum torque (Nm) / RPM: 28 Nm at 7,500 rpm;
  • Compression ratio: 10.6: 1;
  • Fuel: Petrol;
  • Battery: 12V / 8 Ah.


  • Clutch: Multidisc in oil bath, mechanically operated;
  • Currency exchange: 6 gears;
  • Transmission: Current;
  • Frame Tubular steel, torsion resistant and sturdy construction with screwed back frame;
  • Front Suspension: Inverted telescopic fork;
  • Rear suspension: Aluminum swingarm rear scale;
  • Front / rear suspension stroke 140 mm / 131 mm;
  • Wheelbase: 1,374 mm;
  • Trail: 102.3 mm;
  • Front wheel: 3.0 x 17 “;
  • Rear wheel: 4.00 x 17 “;
  • Front tire: 110/70 ZR 17;
  • Rear tire: 150/60 ZR 17;
  • Front brake: 300 mm single disc;
  • Rear brake: 240 mm single disc.


  • Length (mm): 2.005 mm;
  • Width (mm): 849 mm;
  • Height (mm): 1080 mm;
  • Seat height (mm): 785 mm;
  • Curvature of the Legs: 1,760 mm;
  • Weight in running order: 158.5 kg;
  • Total weight allowed: 345 kg;
  • Payload: 186.5 kg;
  • Fuel tank capacity: 11 liters;
  • Reservation Approx .: 1 liter.

Consumption of the new G 310 R

The New Model BMW G 310 R is a motorcycle ready to ride both in the city and on the road, and has performed well in both situations.

The following gives you the expected average consumption for the model:

  • New Model BMW G 310 R: average of 30.6 km per liter .

Price of the New Model BMW G 310 R 2020

The New Model BMW G 310 R is not among the most affordable motorcycles, and for now its market value is from $ 5600 .

This price can be readjusted with the launch of the New Model BMW G 310 R 2020 , so stay tuned to our post because we will update this new value as soon as disclosed.

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