New Model Ducati Scrambler 2020: Price, Consumption, PHOTOS and Data Sheet

The New Model Ducati Scrambler 2020 is a bike that has been modernizing for this new year. With models from classic to most modern. For use in the city, roads and highways or rural roads. The model is relatively a launch of the last years. But to win customer loyalty the New Model Ducati Scrambler 2020 must offer more than the riders are accustomed to.

About New Model Ducati Scrambler 2020

With a style reminiscent of the 1960s, the New Model Ducati Scrambler 2020 is almost a novelty for United Statess. Its first model was introduced in 2015 in the United States. But, it began to be sold in United States in 2020. The New Model Ducati Scrambler is since 2012 a motorcycle controlled by Audi.

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New Model Ducati Scrambler 2020

It is even the cheapest car maker. With prices starting at $ 9500 . According to bloggers in the world of motorcycle, this model can be considered “Retro with young spirit”. Attracting those in love with adrenaline and bolder design.

The news for the New Model Ducati Scrambler 2020 should be due to the more funky model. However, with few changes in its design. After all, the intention is not to change what has won customers.

New Model Ducati Scrambler 2020 Items

The versions of the New Model Ducati Scrambler 2020 are given different characteristics. Some are more technological, and some are more retro. However, all have a similar style and receive few items that differ.

To get an overview, the classic 2020 New Model Ducati Scrambler items are:

  • Vintage bench;
  • Aluminum tank protectors;
  • Pirelli dual sport tires.

  • Wheels. Front 18 “. Rear 17 “;
  • Two-cylinder L-engine, air-cooled desmodromic;
  • LED ring round headlamp.

  • LCD panel with aluminum protector;
  • USB input under accent;
  • LED backlight;
  • Tall, wide handlebar.

Colors vary between versions. But, the most common are: silver and orange sunshine.

Technical specifications New Model Ducati Scrambler 2020

The mechanical and aesthetic part that make up the New Model Ducati Scrambler 2020 datasheet are worth the praise that the bike receives. One of the most sold versions of the bike is Icon. Its cycling part is the one that receives the most praise. Your datasheet is:


  • Type: Double in L, Desmodromic distribution, 2 valves per cylinder, air-cooled;
  • Detachment: 803 cc;
  • Diameter x stroke: 88 x 66 mm;
  • Compression ratio: 11: 1;
  • Power: 73 hp / 8,250 rpm;
  • Torque: 67 Nm (73 hp) / 5,750 rpm;
  • Electronic injection, acceleration body 50 mm;
  • Exhaust system with single stainless steel silencer with aluminum cover, catalytic converter and two lambda probes;
  • Emissions: Euro 4.


  • Gearbox: 6 speeds;
  • Transmission: 1 = 32/13 2 = 30/18 3 = 28/21 4 = 26/23 5 = 22/22 6 = 24/26;
  • Main transmission: Direct gearshift – Aspect ratio 1.85: 1;
  • Final transmission: Chain. Front sprocket 15. Rear sprocket 46;
  • Clutch: Wet multi-disc APTC with mechanical control.


  • Frame: Truss of steel tubes;
  • Front suspension: Kayaba Fork 41 mm reversed;
  • Front wheel travel: 150 mm;
  • Front wheel: 10-spoke, light alloy, 3.00 “X 18”;
  • Rear Suspension: Kayaba rear bumper, adjustable preload;
  • Rear wheel stroke: 150 mm;
  • Rear wheel: 10-spoke, light alloy, 5.50 “X 17”;
  • Front brake: A disc of 330 mm, radial piston 4-piston caliber with ABS as standard equipment;
  • Rear brake: A 245 mm disc, floating piston 1 piston with ABS as standard equipment.

Consumption New Model Ducati Scrambler 2020

It is not enough to have style. To leave showing off all the power of the bike, you need to know the consumption New Model Ducati Scrambler 2020 . Which vary according to the type of use.

  • Average consumption on the road: 19.1 km / L.

When driving is more accelerated it can reach 17 km / L. And if it is slower than 21 km / L.

Price New Model Ducati Scrambler 2020

The New Model Ducati Scrambler 2020 price is a bit high. But considerable since this is not a popular motorcycle. It has some elements that make it more rare in this environment. With 4 versions:

  • Icon: suggested price of R $ 38,900.

  • Classic: suggested price of $ 10800.

  • Urban: suggested price of $ 10900.

  • Full: suggested price of $ 11000.

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