New Model Ducati X Diavel 2020: Prices, Consumption, Data Sheet and PHOTOS

With the first launch in 2016, the New Model Ducati X Diavel 2020 is the second model of the manufacturer’s cruiser. Produced with a design that mixes daring, adventure and strength. The new Ducati Testastretta DVT 1262 engine guarantees super power like other big bikes. The New Model Ducati X Diavel 2020 combines with the passionate to take the road and conquers those who seek comfort.

About New Model Ducati X Diavel 2020

The first version of the New Model Ducati X Diavel was released to the world at the 2010 Duas Rodas Show. Sales began in 2011. In United States, the motorcycle was introduced in 2020.

New Model Ducati X Diavel 2020

Several pre-sale events were created to inaugurate the machine in the country. Going through Brasília, Goiânia, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, Ribeirão Preto, Campinas, Curitiba, Santos and São Paulo.

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So the new New Model Ducati X Diavel 2020 is still new in this environment. Introducing the super cruise in its economical model and top of the line with the new New Model Ducati X Diavel S 2020 .

This model is the mix of combinations that seem to work very well. Italian style, technical sophistication and high performance.

Features Nova New Model Ducati X Diavel 2020

Some new features New Model Ducati X Diavel 2020 make it more modern. With traces that still remind the previous model, only now improvements and technological tools have been inserted.

  • Steel fuel tank;
  • Daylight Lighthouse in front and rear lighting;
  • 50 mm front fork;
  • Hydraulic brakes;
  • Bosch ABS system;
  • Electronic switch;
  • Belt drive.

Technical specifications New Model Ducati X Diavel 2020

Although the new 2020 bike is still in the test phase, the new New Model Ducati X Diavel datasheet should follow the parameters of the previous year’s version.

And being within those specifications helps the rider to balance the mechanics of his machine. Using products and accessories that do not harm this area.


  • Type: New Model Ducati Testastretta DVT (Variable Desmodromic Distribution), L-Twin, 4 valves demodromically actuated per cylinder, double spark plug, water-cooled;
  • Displacement: 1262 cc (77.0 in³);
  • Diameter x stroke: 106 x 71.5 [mm] (4.17 x 2.81 [in]);
  • Compression ratio: 13: 1;
  • Power: 152 hp (112 kW) @ 9500 rpm;
  • Torque: 93 lb-ft (126 Nm) @ 5000 rpm;
  • Fuel Injection: Bosch fuel injection system, fully ride-by-wire system, Øeq 56 oval acceleration bodies;
  • Exhaust: Stainless steel and damper with oval outputs, catalytic converter and 2 lambda probes.


  • Gearbox: 6 speeds;
  • Primary Ratio: Direct Gear Shift; 1.84: 1 ratio;
  • Ratio: 1 = 37/15 2 = 30/17 3 = 27/20 4 = 24/22 5 = 23/24 6 = 22/25;
  • Final relationship: Chain / Pinion front Z28 / Pinion rear Z80;
  • Clutch: Slider and multi-plate automatic servo with hydraulic control.


  • Four tubular steel trellis;
  • Front suspension: Adjustable usd fork Ø 50 mm (Ø 1.97 in);
  • Front wheel: Light alloy, cast, 3.5 “x17”;
  • Front tire: Pirelli Diablo Rosso II, 120/70 ZR17;
  • Rear Suspension: Single shock absorber, preload and adjustable shoulder, remote reservoir, unilateral swing arm, trellis / cast frame;
  • Rear wheel: Light alloy, cast, 8.00 “x17”;
  • Rear Tire: Pirelli Diablo Rosso II 240/45 ZR17;
  • Front wheel travel: 120 mm;
  • Rear wheel stroke: 110 mm;
  • Front brake: 2 x 320 mm (12,60 in) semi-floating discs, Brembo radial caliper 4-piston M4-32 and main radial caliper, Bosch curve ABS as factory equipment;
  • Rear brake: 265 mm (10.43 in.) Disc, 2-piston floating caliper with curved ABS as factory equipment;
  • Instrumentation: 3.5 “TFT color screen and dedicated warning light display.

Dimensions and Weights:

  • Dry weight: 220 kg (485 lb);
  • Weight in running order: 247 kg (545 lb);
  • For models with liquid cooling, the weight data are related to the dry weight of the motorcycle without battery, lubricants and coolant;
  • Seat height: 755 mm (29.72 in);
  • Wheelbase: 1615 mm (63.58 in);
  • Fork angle: 30 °;
  • Track: 130 mm (5.12 in);
  • Fuel tank capacity: 18 l (4.75 gal US);
  • Number of seats: Double bench.


  • Modes of piloting;
  • New Model Ducati safety package (Bosch curve ABS + DTC);
  • DPL (New Model Ducati Power Launch);
  • RbW;
  • Cruise control;
  • Speakerphone,;
  • Full led lighting;
  • Buttons on the handlebars with backlight.

Consumption New Model Ducati X Diavel 2020

Walking around with your new New Model Ducati X Diavel 2020 is for sure something you want very much. Be able to show the blunt and adventurous design of your bike. But of course before that wants to know the new consumption New Model Ducati X Diavel 2020 . An average to be able to calculate how much will be spent on your trips.

  • Average consumption: 15 km / L.

The information is from Revista Auto Esporte that tested the bike in 2020.

Price New Model Ducati X Diavel 2020

The new price New Model Ducati X Diavel 2020 is compatible with the title of ‘super moto’. A somewhat high value, but that follows what is determined for that category of motorcycle.

  • On average: $ 23 thousand.

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