New Model Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 2020: Photos, Prices, Data Sheets, Consumables

The name, translated into Portuguese, means ‘fat boy’. But that’s not what the New Model Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 2020 demonstrates. In fact, the style is more for muscular or a presence machine. An icon of the brand and world of motorcycles. In the United States the New Model Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 2020 is already a reality. Get to know everything that United Statess can expect from the traditional bike.

About New Model Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 2020

The fat boy is one of the most traditional New Model Harley-Davidson motorcycles. An icon of the North American, and the fashion rock in roll. It has symbolized clubs and motorcycle gangs in many movies in the country. The bike was launched in 1990 and since then, has become a real success.

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New Model Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 2020

The official website of the brand in English, about New Model Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 2020 has the same content for United States. However, here in the country is used the year 2020. Maybe because in the US the model is a release with nomenclature 2020, but is already sold years before. As with some vehicles in United States.

The presentation of this model, made by the brand, is a motorcycle to mark a generation. “The Fattest Boy in History”. And its composition in design and mechanics will make a big difference in this slogan.

Features New Model Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 2020

Although the main features of the bike are already traditionally known. The automaker has made some updates and modernized the systems of the new 2020 bike . Bringing more ways to win over your audience.

The New Model Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 2020 features are:

  • Chrome finishes;
  • All-new solid-disk Lakester wheels wrapped around the factory tire, being the widest offered in the brand’s history. Front tire: 160 mm. Rear tire: 240mm;
  • Milwaukee-Eight engine;
  • LED lights;
  • Softail Chassis;
  • High performance front suspension;
  • Mono-damped rear suspension.

The chrome finish and bold design, typical of the bike, are brands that make it even more popular.

New Model Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 2020

Some more specific specifications and features are in the New Model Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 2020 datasheet. These data include important information for the mechanics segments. And they can influence the purchase of the bike.

  • Engine: MILWAUKEE-EIGHT, in version 107 OR 114;
  • Displacement: 1,745 cc;
  • Fuel system: Electronic fuel injection through sequential doors (ESPFI);
  • Exhaust: Staggered 2 in 2, catalyst in muffler;
  • Engine torque: 146 NM;
  • Weight, as shipped: 304 KG;
  • Seat height, without weight: 675 MM;
  • Length: 2,370 mm;
  • Wheelbase: 1,665 mm;
  • Fuel capacity: 18,9 L .;
  • Brakes type Caliper: Front fixed with 4 pistons and floating rear with 2 pistons;
  • Primary drive: Chain, ratio 34/46.

New Model Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 2020 Consumption

Another fact that interferes with the passion of motorcyclists for Fat Boy is their performance on the road. Of course, the bike is not as economical as other day-to-day models of day-to-day machines in town.

But, the New Model Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 2020 consumption does not discourage compared to the big bikes of its category:

  • Average on the roads: 18.5km / l (survey of Extra newspaper).

Price Harley – Davidson Fat Boy 2020

Anyway, one of the main points when analyzing any vehicle. How much will this modernization and betting on a great style cost? Before knowing the price Harley – Davidson Fat Boy 2020 the consumer will be able to choose among the colors:

  • Vivid Black;
  • Black Tempest;
  • Industrial Gray;
  • Bonneville;
  • Wicked Red;
  • Legend Blue.

It is that color influences the price of the bike. Look how much the little darling of the moment:

  • COLOR: $ 18490;
  • Two tons: $ 18600.

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