New Model Honda VFR 1200 2020: Price, Consumption and Photos

Do you like motorcycles from the adventurous segment? Then you need to know more about the New Model Honda VFR 1200 2020, a launch that will soon integrate the United States motorcycle frame offering bold design, outstanding performance and more safety on two wheels. Next we have more details of the New Model Honda VFR 1200 2020, to know more continue accompanying.

The New Model Honda VFR 1200 2020 is a sturdy motorcycle that attracts glances wherever it passes, and with this new release New Model Honda intends to bring even more users to the model.

New Model Honda VFR 1200 2020

The highlights start with its look that now has new ergonomic lines that besides beauty offer more comfort and safety for its users.

New Model Honda VFR 1200 2020

The authentic and modern look also has a pilot position that has been redesigned to be more upright and contribute to the weight of the pilot is better distributed bringing more comfort when traveling long distances.

The fuel tank of the New Model Honda VFR 1200 2020 may also feature a new design, as it is speculated that new lines will be presented so that the tank of that motorcycle has an even better fit next to the pilot.

As far as the colors so far only 2 options are expected for the new New Model Honda VFR 1200 2020 , they are:

  • Black;
  • Red.

New Model Honda Technical Information

The datasheet of the New Model Honda VFR 1200 2020 also receives an update, however as it has not yet been announced and the expectation is that it arrives only with the official launch of the model see some information expected:

  • Engine: OHC, four-cylinder, four-stroke, liquid cooled
  • Cylinder capacity: 1,236,7cm³
  • Power System: PGM-FI Electronic Injection
  • Maximum Power: 172.7hp at 10,000rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 8,750rpm
  • Transmission: 6 speeds
  • Starting System: Electric

  • Tank capacity: 18.5 liters
  • Chassis Type: Diamond frame (aluminum)
  • Length: 2,244mm
  • Width: 740mm
  • Height: 1.222mm
  • Front Tire: 120 / 70ZR – 17 M / C 58W
  • Rear Tire: 190 / 55ZR – 17M / C 75W
  • Dry weight: 264kg
  • Colors: Black, Red

Average consumption

Tests are still being carried out to evaluate the consumption of the VFR 1200 2020 , but based on the average of the current model and the mechanics of this launch the expectation is that the motorcycle has an average performance of:

  • Average 13.5 km / liter in the city
  • 17.0 km / liter on the road

As soon as the new test of consumption of the VFR 1200 2020 is announced we will update more information in our post, keep following!

Price New Model Honda VFR 1200 2020

Currently the New Model Honda VFR 1200 is sold with a price from $ 17500 , but we do not have the new value readjusted for the launch of this new version 2020.

The expectation is that the model has an average price of $ 17800 , however as soon as we confirm this new value we will update our information.

Photos VFR 1200

Here we have selected more photos of the New Model Honda VFR 1200, check it out and remember that we will bring more updated information to our post as soon as they are released:

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