New Model Honda XRE 300 2020: Price, technical datasheet, Engine and Consumption

The New Model Honda XRE 300 2020 is the right bike for those who love adventure, but it is not enough to have beauty, it is necessary to convey safety, comfort and power. To know all the technical information and news prepared for the New Model Honda XRE 300 2020, follow this article.

Features of the New Model Honda XRE 300 2020

Ready for any type of road, whether asphalt or dirt, the New Model Honda XRE 300 began to manifest itself in the United States market in 2009, being the bike with the oldest project in the line of the Japanese dealership.

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We do not notice extraordinary differences in the renewal of the product, the bike continues to follow its traditional characteristics, but we can not deny that some points have received improvements:

  • Five-speed gearbox;
  • Final transmission by current;
  • Front disc brake with 256 mm diameter;
  • Rear brake also disc with 220 mm;
  • The top-most version of the line gains ABS brake (anti-lock);
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  • Fuel marker;
  • Speedometer and Odometer;
  • Clock;
  • Spy Lights.

New Model Honda XRE 300 2020

Consumers earn New Model Honda a 3-year warranty with no mileage limit on their motorcycle, plus the free oil supply and seven revisions. Presentation offered by the concessionaire.

Engine of the new New Model Honda XRE 300 2020

The engine of the New Model Honda XRE 300 2020 follows the pattern of other motorcycles of the lineage, entering the market with the power:

  • Single-cylinder 291.6 cc engine with double overhead control and flexible technology delivers up to 25.6 hp at 7,500 rpm and 2.8 mkgf to 6,000 rpm.

It develops 25.4 horsepower with gasoline and 25.6 kgfm with ethanol at 7,500 rpm; and 2.76 and 2.8 kgfm of torque, respectively, at 6,000 rpm. With five-speed gearbox and final transmission by chain.

Technical specifications of the New Model Honda XRE 300 2020

The datasheet for the latest version of the New Model Honda XRE 300 has not yet been officially released, but as speculation by the press is that the model will follow the same parachutes of 2020, the technical information was based on the knowledge about the lineage.

  • 291, 6 displacements
  • 4-stroke DOHC single cylinder engine
  • Cooling air motor
  • Electric start
  • Electronic injection
  • 13.8 liter flex engine;
  • Its power: 25.4 hp (G) and 25.6 (E) at 7,500 revolutions per minute;
  • Torque: 2.76 (G) and 2.80 kgf.max at 6,000 revolutions per minute;
  • Measures of length x width x height: 2171 x 838 x 1181 mm;
  • Ground clearance: 259 mm;
  • Between axles: 1417 mm;
  • Weighing: 146 kg / ABS: 153 kg.

Consumption of the New Model Honda XRE 300 2020

Despite all the bonuses that the manufacturer makes available to the consumer, the timing of the calculation of the possible expenditure on fuel always takes place. Saving on points and disbursing more on others? It is still not possible to say with certainty what will be the average consumption of the New Model Honda XRE 300 2020 , but following the numbers of the line some experts believe that the average is 24.2 km / liter .

Price of the Nova New Model Honda XRE 300 2020

Possibly available in the colors: white, black, metallic gray and pearly green, there are some notes on the average value that New Model Honda will charge on its new motorcycle. The launch for XRE 300 2020 has not been released, we must keep an eye on the advertising of the manufacturer that always invests for the announcement of great products.

For now, what is known is that the price varies between:

  • From $ 4300 in the Standard version;
  • From $ 4700 to the version XRE 300 2020 ABS.

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