New Model Kawasaki Z1000 2020: Price, Consumption and Photos

The supernaked New Model Kawasaki Z1000 2020 will very soon arrive in our market! The new engine and chassis adjustments provide firmer and direct direct riding to the rider, making the New Model Kawasaki Z1000 2020 the most popular model in the industry. To get to know her, follow the evaluation!

The New Model Kawasaki Z1000 2020 is a motorcycle for those looking for a radical, fast and modern model, so we’ve brought you details so you know more about this supernaked.

New Model Kawasaki Z1000 2020

The new Z1000 New Model Kawasaki 2020 arrives featuring a revamped motorcycle with features that elevate the model to another level.

The novelties begin with the design, which now offers a more robust look as the model brings new lines and a minimum of plastic parts leaving the Z1000 more robust.

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New Model Kawasaki Z1000 2020

The Z1000’s dashboard now features a gearshift indicator and gearshift indicator, an improvement that contributes to increased model drivability

Motoring the Z1000 2020

The engine and chassis of the model also received improvements that contributed to the model has a more rigid and direct, now bringing a 4-stroke engine, 4-cylinder in-line, liquid cooling and 1,043 cc.

New Model Kawasaki Technical Sheet

The news of the data sheet of the new New Model Kawasaki Z1000 2020 can also be checked in our post, see below motor information, dimensions among other details:


  • Type: 4-stroke, 4-cylinder in-line, liquid cooling
  • Displacement: 1,043 cc
  • Diameter x stroke: 77.0 x 56.0 mm
  • Compression ratio: 11.8: 1
  • Valve system: DOHC, 16 valves
  • Fuel System: Electronic Injection
  • Ignition: Battery and coil (transistor ignition)
  • Departure: Electric departure
  • Lubrication: Forced lubrication (wet sump)


  • Front: Type 310mm Double Disc Petal
  • Front: Radial clamping double clamp with 4 opposing pistons
  • Rear: Single 250 mm Petal-shaped Disc Type
  • Rear: Single piston caliper


  • Overall Length: 2,045 mm
  • Overall Width: 790 mm
  • Overall Height: 1,055 mm
  • Between axles: 1,435 mm
  • Minimum ground clearance: 125 mm
  • Seat height: 815 mm
  • Weight in running order: 221 kg
  • Tank capacity: 17 liters

Consumption of New Model Kawasaki Z1000 2020

The New Model Kawasaki Z1000 2020 showed a good result in its tests of consumption since this model is a supernaked, see below the presented average:

  • Sport consumption: Average 10.0 km / l
  • Economic consumption: Average of 17,5 km / l

Price of New Model Kawasaki Z1000 2020

The New Model Kawasaki Z1000 arrived with a readjustment in its market price, since it also offers news and improvements.

The average price of the new New Model Kawasaki Z1000 2020 ABS is $ 14600.

Photos of the New Model Kawasaki Z1000 2020

Following are more photos of this bike so you know the model better, check below:

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