New Model Suzuki Boulevard M800 2020: Consumption, Price, Colors and PHOTOS

The New Model Suzuki Boulevard M800 2020 is nothing new in the world of cyclists. For some time it has been improving in terms of aesthetics and mechanics. However, those in love with the model of the Japanese automaker should not get too excited. What should be improved on the New Model Suzuki Boulevard M800 2020 you discover in this article.

About New Model Suzuki Boulevard M800 2020

Since 2006 the New Model Suzuki Boulevard M800 has been manufactured. According to some blogs in the middle, this is one of the top models in the world.

New Model Suzuki Boulevard M800 2020

The bad news is that the Japanese dealership has not announced any news about the New Model Suzuki Boulevard M800 2020 . What has been offered in the market is the Boulevard M1800 that complements the line. Bringing the same expressive traits.

The price is relatively high. And if the public has become accustomed to this logistics, it will hardly be changed.

Features New Model Suzuki Boulevard M800 2020

Following the traditional anchor brand in technology, New Model Suzuki has been modernizing its machines. A few years ago the Boulevard M800 received improvements.

The most expressive New Model Suzuki Boulevard M800 2020 features are:


  • 1783 cm3 engine, double V-cylinder with liquid cooling;
  • Dual direct-drive DOHC valve controls are designed to produce tremendous traction power and torque response;
  • Electronic fuel injection system that produces a smooth acceleration response;
  • Inverted front forks with 46 mm diameter tubes.


  • Visual innovative, high performance and high style.


  • Pistons forged in aluminum alloy 112 millimeters in diameter;
  • Compact dry sump lubrication system;
  • Rear shock absorber with link for progressive absorption of impacts;
  • Dashboard features a digital tachometer, position indicator and integrated LED indicator lights at the top of the headlamp fairing;
  • Analog speedometer integrated into the tank.

Consumption New Model Suzuki Boulevard 2020

Some facts directly influence the consumption New Model Suzuki Boulevard 2020 . The circulation on highways, for example, allows the motorcycle to receive more acceleration. And automatically consume more fuel.

Therefore, the way it is directed results in a greater or lesser expense with the supply. On an average between shooting in the city, road and highway consumption should be:

  • 17.7 km / L.

Listening to other owners what really happens is the most appropriate. They will be able to give tips on how to maintain good consumption.

Technical Specifications New Model Suzuki Boulevard 2020

Motorcyclists who are more accustomed to the mechanical area, or those who want to learn about it, should be aware of the New Model Suzuki Boulevard 2020 technical data sheet . That contains important information on this subject.


  • 4-stroke, 2-cylinder V-Twin with 8 valves, OHC, liquid cooling.
  • Cylinders: 805 cm³;
  • Diameter X Course: 83.0 x 74.4mm;
  • Compression ratio: 9.4: 1;
  • Lubrication system: Wet sump;
  • Starting System: Electrical;
  • Feeding: Electronic injection;
  • Ignition type: Electronic;
  • Maximum power: 53 hp (metric) at 6,000 rpm;
  • Maximum torque: 7.04 kgf.max 4,000rpm.

Suspension and Brake:

  • Front Suspension: Reverse telescoping hydraulic damper, coil spring;
  • Rear Suspension: Hydraulic single-link articulated balance, helical spring, with spring preload adjustment;
  • Brake Front: Disc;
    Rear Brake: Drum.


  • Transmission: 5 Speeds;
  • Drive system: Cardan shaft.

Price New Model Suzuki Boulevard 2020

The available New Model Suzuki Boulevard 2020 crossovers are black and blue. This characteristic does not influence how much the bike is worth in the national market.

In the dealerships, the price suggested New Model Suzuki Boulevard 2020 is:

  • $ 9000.

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