New Model Suzuki Yes 2020: Price, Specs, Consumption and Photos

The New Model Suzuki Yes 2020 is a motorcycle designed to serve an audience that looks for an economical and practical model for the day to day, offering features that contribute to this goal being achieved. To know more about New Model Suzuki Yes 2020, check out the post we prepared on the model below!

The official release date of New Model Suzuki Yes 2020 has not yet been released, but we have gathered information on what is already expected for the launch and we will bring it next!

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New Model Suzuki News Yes 2020

Several new features are speculated for the launch of the new New Model Suzuki Yes 2020 , including the new five-speed transmission that will give the model even more autonomy.

The design of the New Model Suzuki Yes also receives improvements, such as the exhaust of the model that now brings a new matte black paint.

New Model Suzuki Yes 2020

Other innovations awaited for this release include a chrome protective cover and the new front suspension that now has hydraulic damping and coil spring.

Next we will check the options of colors foreseen for the new New Model Suzuki Yes , accompany to be inside of all the information.

Colors of New Model Suzuki Yes 2020

With the New Model Suzuki Yes we have 5 (five) color options on the market, here’s what they are:

  • Yellow;
  • Blue;
  • Red;
  • Silver;
  • Black.

Technical specifications of the new New Model Suzuki Yes 2020

The datasheet of a 2020 launch brings a lot of information about the model, but as the new New Model Suzuki Yes 2020 sheet has not been released, we have brought some features that are being expected for these releases, see:

Dimensions and capacities

  • Total Length: 1,945 mm;
  • Total Width: 1,070 mm;
  • Total Height: 1,265 mm;
  • Ground Distance: 160 mm;
  • Distance between axles: 1,265 mm;
  • MVOM: 128 kg;
  • Seat Height: 735 mm.

  • Engine: 4-stroke, 1-cylinder, 2-valve, OHC, air-cooled;
  • Cylinder capacity: 125 cm³;
  • Diameter X Course: 57.0 x 48.8mm;
  • Lubrication system: Wet sump;
  • Starting System: Electrical;
  • Power: MIKUNI BS25 carburetor;
  • Ignition type: Electronic;
  • Compression ratio: 9.2: 1;
  • Fuel tank: 14 liters;
  • Maximum power: 12 hp (metric) at 9,000 rpm;
  • Maximum torque: 1.14 kgf.max 6,000rpm;
  • Front Tire: 2.75-18 M / C (42P), without camera;
  • Rear Tire: 90 / 90-18 M / C (57P), without camera;
  • Engine Oil: 1.15 liters (with filter change.

More up-to-date information on Yes 2020 will be updated here soon, so keep an eye out for details on the model.

New Model Suzuki Consumption Yes 2020

The test of consumption in New Model Suzuki Yes will be performed by INMETRO, and as soon as the results achieved by the model are announced we will bring this information to our post. Here’s how much we expect for this release:

  • New Model Suzuki Yes: average consumption of 40 km per liter .

Price of New Model Suzuki Yes 2020

The value of the motorcycle in this launch may also be a readjustment, but this new value was not disclosed by the automaker.

Here’s the price of the New Model Suzuki Yes :

  • New Model Suzuki Yes: from $ 1700 .

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