New Model Traxx JL50 2020: Prices, Photos & amp; Consumables

The Traxx JL50 is a vehicle that won several users for being practical and accessible, and is now awaited in the version New Model Traxx JL50 2020. Ideal for small everyday routes New Model Traxx JL50 2020 has several advantages, and today we will tell you more about them and the datasheet model.

Ideal for its cost benefits the New Model Traxx JL50 2020 is expected in the market with improvements that make the model even more efficient, and you will be able to know what it has to offer next.

New Model Traxx JL50 2020

New Model Traxx has since launched its JL50 if the options of various people looking for a means of transportation that is economical, practical and low cost.

This is a model for those who need to take off day-to-day in short distances and want to invest a lot of money in a vehicle with more robustness.

New Model Traxx JL50 2020

We will now know more details about the New Model Traxx JL50 and what we can expect from the model for its launch with the New Model Traxx JL50 2020 .

New Model Traxx JL50 2020 – News

Initially we are going to talk about the capacity of the fuel tank of the New Model Traxx JL50 that is of 4 liters, enough capacity for who needs a vehicle to cross urban centers of small and big cities.

The change of the New Model Traxx JL50 2020 is 4 speeds and semi-automatic, designed so that the driver can get around having the experience of driving a vehicle of easy direction, because it is possible to drive the New Model Traxx JL50 without the need of clutch to pass the gears.

The wheels of the model are 17 ”, which gives the user much more comfort even when traveling on less uniform terrain.

With technology considered ideal for the model the New Model Traxx JL50 2020 still features:

  • Electric start,
  • Alloy wheels,
  • Panel with fuel markers,
  • Hodometer,
  • Current protector,
  • Valet parking.

New Model Traxx JL50 – Technical sheet

View New Model Traxx JL50 spec sheet details:

  • Engine: Single cylinder, air cooled, OHC
  • Displacement: 49.5cc
  • Maximum power: 2.45hp at 6,500rpm
  • Torque: 5.500rpm
  • Compression Ratio: 10: 1
  • Power: carburetor
  • Shift: 4-speed rotary
  • Clutch: semi-automatic
  • Departure: electric / pedal
  • Ignition: cdi type electronics
  • Fuel Tank: 4 liters

  • Type: Chassis
  • Cáster: 26º
  • Trail: 41 Mm
  • Front Suspension: Lower Joint
  • Course: 38mm
  • Rear Suspension: Double Dampening Oscillating Arm
  • Course: 33mm
  • Front Brake: Mechanical A Drum
  • Rear Brake: Mechanical A Drum
  • Front Tire: 2.25-17 4pr
  • Rear Tire: 2.50-17 4pr

New Model Traxx JL50 2020 – Measurements

In relation to the measures of the New Model Traxx JL50 2020 we have the following data:

  • Length: 1.800mm
  • Width: 660mm
  • Height: 1.080mm
  • Ground Distance: 140mm
  • Maximum Load: 120kg
  • Weight: 83kg
  • Seat Height: 780mm

New Model Traxx JL50 2020 – Colors

Trazz JL50 will be available in the national market in colors:

  • black
  • Red

Since its launch, the model maintains this color standard in the market.

New Model Traxx JL50 2020 – Price and Consumption

The current price of the New Model Traxx JL50 in the market is on average $ 860 , the launch can receive value adjustments, but has not yet been disclosed by the manufacturer to% of this adjustment.

The consumption of the New Model Traxx JL50 2020 is considered excellent, since it has a performance that revolves around 50Km / Liter , which is a great result for the current days of high fuel prices.

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