New Model Yamaha T115 CRYPTON 2020: Prices and Pictures

Yamaha in 2019 will launch the Model T115 CRYPTON 2020 that has already become a success in sales for low cost, maintenance and low fuel consumption. If you are looking for a basic motorcycle, small for the day and economical to know then the NModel T115 CRYPTON 2020.

We follow up and learn more about the new New Model Yamaha that will surely record sales in 2020.

Model T115 CRYPTON 2020

Even more economical with low fuel consumption, due to its valve that interrupts the fuel supply when removing the hand from the accelerator.

We also have the very affordable maintenance value and a simple yet modern design in the standard of a good bike to be used in our day to day.

New Model Yamaha T115 CRYPTON 2020

The Crypton 2020 comes with space below the seat that is an object guard, however it is not a large space because its rear wheel is larger.

Model T115 CRYPTON 2020 – Technical information

Let’s get to know and analyze a few of the items that stood out the most in the technical data of the new New Model Yamaha T115 CRYPTON for 2020:

  • Space for door objects;
  • Semiautomatic exchange;
  • 4 speeds;
  • Wheel rim 17;
  • 115 cc;
  • Fuel tank: 4.2 liters;
  • Departure: Electric / Pedal;
  • Power: carburetor;
  • Fuel: gasoline;
  • Gearbox: 4-speed sequential manual.

Model T115 CRYPTON 2020 – Motorization

Now let’s talk a little about the Model T115 CRYPTON 2020 engine that   is single cylinder 114 cm³, powered by carburetor with air cooling, rotary shift, semi-automatic clutch and 4-speed gearbox. Maximum power from 8.2 hp to 7,500 rpm and torque from 0.9 kgf to 5,500 rpm.

It can reach a top speed of 100 km / h which is enough for the public that is looking for it.

Model T115 CRYPTON 2020 – Versions and Consumption

CRYPTON   is available in two versions which are: T115 Crypton K and T115 Crypton ED.

New Model Yamaha has not yet released New Model Yamaha T115 CRYPTON versions , and the model is likely to continue with the same versions, receiving only a few new features in its design and powertrain.

According to some tests done in the new T115 CRYPTON of 2020 its consumption must maintain the average of 31 km / l up to 38 km / l.

Vale recalls that the Crypton tank is quite small, being only 4.2 liters, so it’s important to keep an eye on the fuel marker on the dashboard.

Model T115 CRYPTON 2020 – Price

New Model Yamaha has not yet released the New Model Yamaha T115 CRYPTON 2020 price list , but according to speculation it will be in the range of $ 1200 being the most basic model up to $ 1400 .

With this price the model has become even more interesting and prominent in sales.

Model T115 CRYPTON 2020 – Photos

As a lot of information has not yet been released on the New Model Yamaha T115 CRYPTON 2020 we have some more photos to analyze, and as soon as New Model Yamaha releases more information we will update this post.

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