New Suzuki GSX S 750 2021: PRICES, Specs, Consumption and Photos

A very imposing bike that has attracted many curious looks is the new Suzuki GSX S 750 2021. To know all the details of this machine is that pure technology, see all the details, prices, consumption and photos of the new Suzuki GSX S 750 2021 on post to follow.

New Suzuki GSX S 750 2021

A motorcycle with a lot of innovation, power and a design that attracts eyes, the GSX S 750 has been promising many innovations.

Both in terms of security and visual, the items come to impress. With a proposal of comfort for the driver, it guarantees better riding, in addition, it also has plenty of safety items, focusing on the braking system.

New Suzuki GSX S 750 2021

In the technological part, the bike comes with a super innovative panel, offering an easy display for the rider, where it is possible with easy access to know all the information of the machine.

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According to the blog O Liberal, in the Motors column the Suzuki GSX S 750:

The whole set facilitates body movements when defining curves. The riding position allows for a good compromise between sports steering and daily use. What also facilitates movement in traffic and use in the city is the Low RPM Assist system, which regulates the engine speed when the clutch is engaged at low speeds.

Technical Data Suzuki GSX S 750 2021

When buying a motorcycle it is important to know in detail all the items it offers, this avoids blind shopping, and the customer after some time ends up being dissatisfied.

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To avoid this type of event, the ideal is that the future rider knows the intended bike well, for that, see all the detailed items of the Suzuki GSX S 750 2021:


  • Type 4 stroke, DOHC, liquid cooling;
  • Number of cylinders 4 cylinders in line;
  • Cylinder 749 cm³;
  • Compression ratio 12.3 ± 0.3: 1;
  • Diameter 72.0 mm;
  • Wet sump lubrication system and oil pump;
  • Electric starting system;
  • Electronic injection power;
  • Travel 46.0 mm;
  • Maximum Power 114 hp / 84 kW at 10,500 rpm;
  • Electronic ignition type;
  • Maximum torque 8.2 kgf.m at 9,000 rpm.


  • Wheelbase 1455 mm;
  • Width 785 mm;
  • Seat height 820 mm;
  • Height 1055 mm;
  • Handlebar height 1030 mm;
  • Length 2125 mm;
  • Ground clearance 135 mm;
  • Pedal height 340 mm.


  • Front suspension – KAYABA inverted telescopic, helical spring and hydraulic damping;
  • Rear Suspension – KAYABA articulated balance, link type with hydraulic damping and helical spring;
  • Chassis Double upper stringer chassis built in cast aluminum alloy parts and extruded aluminum alloy profile;
  • Front wheel size Rim 17, light aluminum alloy;
  • Rear wheel size Rim 17, light aluminum alloy;
  • Front Brake – NISSIN double disc Ø310mm, 4 opposite piston caliper with radial mounting, hydraulic drive, ABS system;
  • Rear Brake – NISSIN single Ø240mm disc, 1-piston caliper, hydraulic drive, ABS system;
  • Front tire – Bridgestone Hypersport 120 / 70ZR17M / C (58W) radial (tubeless);
  • Rear tire – Bridgestone Hypersport 180 / 70ZR17 M / C (73W) radial (tubeless).


  • Current Transmission System;
  • 6-speed manual transmission.

Weight and capacity

  • Dry weight 187 kg;
  • Fuel tank 16 liters;
  • MVOM 213 kg;
  • Engine oil 3.9 liters;
  • Total gross weight 400kg.

Consumption New Suzuki GSX S 750 2021

Buying a motorcycle is a big step, and for that it is important to know what the consumption will be. Only then will it be possible to know if this product will be within your budget.

The autonomy of the new Suzuki GSX S 750 2021 is from 19 km / liter, being considered a reasonable consumption due to the motorcycle’s capacity and all the power it offers.

Price New Suzuki GSX S 750 2021

If you are interested in the machine and are looking to invest in the bike, now is the moment of truth, to know about the values.

The value of this bike is considered a little high, however, it is considered fair for the quality of the bike and for all the items it offers.

O preço da moto está a partir de  7900$, mas esse número poderá variar de acordo com os itens de série que poderão ser inseridos no produto.

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