NEW YAMAHA MT-03 2020: Prices, Photos and Consumption

The new low-displacement motorcycle segment recently won a new member: the NEW YAMAHA MT-03 2020. Newly arrived in United States, the NEW YAMAHA MT-03 2020 promises to revolutionize the segment and bring more adrenaline to the tracks.

New Model Yamaha announced the arrival of MT-03 in United States. The bike will integrate the well known MT of the New Model Yamaha and will accompany the already existing MT-07, MT-09 and MT-09 Tracer.

Expectations are that the new model will begin shipping in early May.

Before we talk about the highlights of MT-03, let’s make it clear that the new New Model Yamaha MT-03 2020 has not yet been introduced to the public. The information we will bring here is about the model that will be sold in May of that year, that is, the 2016 model.

NEW YAMAHA MT-03 2020: Key Features

  • 321cc cubic capacity twin-line in-line engine
  • 4 valves in each cylinder
  • DOHC (double command)
  • Injection feeds
  • 6-speed gearbox
  • Liquid Cooling
  • 42 horsepower at 10,750rpm
  • 3kgfm of torque at 9,000rpm
  • Disc brakes vented on both wheels
  • Diamond Steel Chassis
  • Fuel tank with capacity for 14 liters
  • 17-inch alloy wheels
  • Tubeless radial tires
  • Fully illuminated LED panel
  • LCD display

NEW YAMAHA MT-03 2020: Highlights

According to New Model Yamaha, the new model was inspired by the fastest land animal, the cheetah, which has a long tail, small head and flexible spine, ensuring lightness, aerodynamics and stability throughout the riding experience.


The new MT-03 is able to impress: by its wide fairing, it seems to be larger than it is. It’s actually a naked small low-cylinder of the premium category, very powerful, with innovative design and a lot of lightness when it comes to driving around.

Some experts have piloted the new MT-03 and have concluded that it has the potential to take paved roads because its excellent torque makes it an excellent choice for urban use, where responsiveness is generally more important than final speed.

In addition, it was found that the new MT-03, weighing only 166kg, becomes easy to maneuver. Such lightness also makes a lot of difference when the rider speeds up or makes curves.

NEW YAMAHA MT-03 2020: Prices

The new MT-03 should follow this average price:

  • Version without ABS: $ 5000
  • Version with ABS: $ 5400

NEW YAMAHA MT-03 2020: Colors

The new New Model Yamaha model will be produced in Manaus and will feature the following colors:

  • Matt Silver (Blue and Matte Silver)
  • Red Metallic (orange and red)
  • Black Metallic (Black)

NEW YAMAHA MT-03 2020: Consumption

There is no way to complain about the consumption of MT-03.

Its 16bit ERCU manages the admission system. This, in turn, together with the electronic injection system, makes the mixture of fuel and air arrive quickly to the combustion chamber, which results in a very balanced consumption and, consequently, more economy for the pilot.

NEW YAMAHA MT-03 2020: Photo Gallery

Some photos of the MT-03 have already been released. Check it out!

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