New Yamaha XMax 250 2021: Price, Consumption and Technical Data

If you like the convenience of a motorcycle in city traffic, but don’t give up a powerful engine, the New Yamaha XMax 250 2021 is the perfect bike for you. With ABS brake on both wheels, the bike also has adjustable handlebars and windshield. So, to learn more about the new Yamaha XMax 250 2021 in the following article!

New Yamaha XMax 250 2021

Motorcycles are a good option for those who have a busy day-to-day and need agility in traffic. But in some cases the power of the bike leaves something to be desired on longer journeys.

However, with the new Yamaha XMax 250 2021 this problem is solved. With a 250 cc engine, the bike performs well both in the city and on the road.

Furthermore, with a large internal space, the Yamaha XMax 250 2021 offers the rider more comfort and the possibility to carry more items in the internal storage.

New Yamaha XMax 250 2021

Standard items Yamaha XMax 250 2021

The comfort and basic items of the new Yamaha XMax 250 2021 are important for the customer to understand the main qualities of the bike.

This is because the standard items show the main details and novelties of the new model, as is the case with the ABS brake and LED headlight. In addition, the Yamaha XMax 250 2021 has a 12v socket, so you can charge your phone or any device while you go to work.

With the standard items of the new Yamaha XMax 250 2021 you can compare it with other models of the competition, such as the Dafra Citycom HD 300 2021 itself, or the Honda PCX 150 2021.

So check out the Yamaha XMax 250 2021 standard items below:

  • Complete and multifunctional panel;
  • Traction control (TCS);
  • Leg support;
  • ABS brakes on two wheels;
  • Reinforced suspensions;
  • Windshield and adjustable handlebars;
  • LED headlights and lanterns;
  • Double object holder;
  • 12v socket;

Yamaha XMax250 Datasheet

In addition to checking the main news and qualities, you need to know the technical issues to decide to buy a motorcycle, especially the new Yamaha XMax 250 2021.

In this case, the technical file details the main points of the engine, transmission, suspension and more. With that, you can see if the Yamaha XMax 250 2021 is the bike you’re looking for.

The technical file can also be important to assess whether the purchase price is worth it, according to the cost-benefit ratio.

Then see below the complete technical sheet of the new Yamaha XMax 250 2021:


  • Type: SOHC, 4 valves, 4 times, Liquid cooling;
  • Maximum Power: 22.8 hp (7,000 rpm);
  • Torque: 2.5 kgf.m (5,500 rpm);
  • Cylinders: 1;
  • Cylinder: 250 cc;
  • Diameter X stroke: 70.0 x 64.9 mm;
  • Compression ratio: 10.5: 1;
  • Power: Electronic injection;
  • Fuel type: Gasoline;


  • Front suspension: Telescopic fork;
  • Rear suspension: Motor-scale;
  • Front suspension travel: 110 mm (suspension) / 110 mm (wheel);
  • Rear suspension travel: 92 mm (suspension) / 79 mm (wheel);


  • Transmission system: Automatic;
  • Final transmission: Gears;
  • Clutch: Dry Centrifugal Shoe;


  • Brake system: ABS;
  • Front brake: Hydraulic disc with anti-lock system;
  • Front brake Ø: 267 (external Ø);
  • Rear brake: Hydraulic disc with anti-lock system;
  • Rear brake Ø: 245 (external Ø);


  • Width: 78 cm;
  • Height: 147 cm;
  • Length: 219 cm.

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Purchase price Yamaha XMax 250 2021

One of the qualities of the new Yamaha XMax 250 2021 is the low purchase price, taking into account all its qualities.

However, for those looking for more affordable and popular 2021 bikes, this may be a more expensive bike than you are looking for.

Of all bikes, the new Yamaha XMax 250 2021 can be financed directly with the automaker, or with your preferred bank.

Check the Yamaha XMax 250 2021 purchase price:

  • New purchase price Yamaha XMax 250 2021: $ 4300 cash.

Yamaha XMax250 average consumption

Even with all standard items and a more powerful engine, the Yamaha XMax250 has an above average fuel consumption.

Even compared to the less powerful bikes, the Yamaha XMax 250 2021 has an amazing performance.

This guarantees it a range of more than 400 km, with all maintenance up to date. Then check the average consumption of the Yamaha XMax 250 2021, according to the automaker’s tests:

  • Average fuel consumption: 32 km / h

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