Shineray Jet 50 2021: PRICES, Specifications, Consumption and Photos

A motorcycle in the scooter category that has attracted a lot of attention is the Shineray Jet 50 2021. To better understand how this motorcycle behaves, the details it presents in its technical data sheet, its consumption and final purchase value, read the full article below and learn more about the Shineray Jet 50 2021.

Shineray Jet 50 2021

A scooter with a lot of technological items, has been drawing attention for its design and low consumption. The Shineray Jet 50 2021 has a semi-automatic transmission and electric start. In addition, it is equipped with four speeds, allowing the machine to develop much better.

The bike also has a compartment to store the helmet or other items, making the rider’s life even easier. On the dashboard, the display is very detailed and a good size, making it easier to read the most important items, a detail that pleases the driver.

Shineray Jet 50 2021

The bike also has light alloy wheels, which give greater comfort when passing through more unstable terrain, leaving the rider safe and without great trepidations.

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In addition to the items above, the bike has a great lighting system, which greatly facilitates visibility when driving.

Technical Data Shineray Jet 50 2021

A very important detail to be observed, before purchasing a product, concerns all the items that the bike claims to offer.

Being aware of the items presented will consequently avoid a hasty purchase, and a sale with a possible financial loss.

So, in order not to make this mistake, first you need to know what you want in the product, then you will need to research whether the chosen model will offer these benefits.

To learn more about the Shineray Jet 50 2021, check out the following technical sheet:


  • Starting System: Electric / Pedal:
  • Compression Ratio: 8.5: 1;
  • Diameter X Stroke: 39.0 x 41.4 mm;
  • Engine capacity: 50;
  • Transmission: Chain;
  • Power: Carburetor;
  • Maximum Torque: 2.6 Nm / 6000 rpm;
  • Maximum Power: 2.7 hp / 8,500 rpm;
  • Engine Type: Monocylindrical, 4 T, 2 Valves, OHC;
  • Exchange: 4 speeds;
  • Clutch: Oil-plated multi-discs.


  • Engine oil (total): 900 ml / API SL – JASO MA 20W50;
  • Headlight: 12V – 35W / 35W;
  • Battery: 12V / 5.0 Ah;
  • Fuel tank: 4.0 liters;
  • Shock Absorber Oil: 65 ml / ATF;
  • Ignition: CDI (Capacitive discharge ignition).


  • Rear suspension / travel: Double damping;
  • Front suspension / travel: Telescopic fork;
  • Front tire / diameter: 2.25 x 17;
  • Rear tire / diameter: 2.50 x 17;
  • Chassis Type: Monoblock;
  • Wheel Type: Light alloy;
  • Scale: Double steel arm;
  • Rear wheel: 17;
  • Front wheel: 17;
  • Front brake / diameter: Disc (Ø = 111 mm);
  • Rear brake / diameter: Drum (Ø = 111 mm).


  • Dry weight: 70 kg;
  • Seat height: 785 mm;
  • Height: 1080 mm;
  • Width: 700 mm;
  • Ground clearance: 115 mm;
  • Wheelbase: 1160 mm;
  • Length: 1770 mm.

Consumption Shineray Jet 50 2021

Another detail that can make all the difference at the time of purchase concerns the autonomy of the bike. Knowing how much this bike will consume per liter, can, without any doubt, make the buyer change his mind regarding the purchase of the product.

The average consumption of the new Jet 50 2021 is approximately 45km / liter.

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This value may undergo major changes according to the way of driving, if there will be traffic, according to the road, and other items that may make a difference.

Price Shineray Jet 50 2021

If you are interested in the bike, you will now need to know how much you will spend to purchase the product.

  • The initial value of the machine is 900$.

This value may change according to the serial items to be inserted.

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