Super Ténéré 750 2021: PRICES, Specifications, Consumption and Photos

A motorcycle that marked quite an era, so everyone wonders if there is a possibility of the Super Ténéré 750 2021. As far as we know there is no such possibility yet, but it is still possible to find the Super Ténéré 750 2021 for sale second-hand.

Super Ténéré 750 2021

A motorcycle created for rallies, as the name says, Super Ténéré 750 2021 is an important existing rally, and it was thinking about him that this machine was created.

It was created mainly to evolve on the road and can reach 200 km / h quickly, this bike can evolve in a light and powerful way. In addition, it has the perfect mix between the five-valve engines and the on-off road frame.

The bike also has an unprecedented engine for the moment it was launched, having ”engine with two cylinders in line inclined at 45 ° (also derived from the FZR series), four stroke, liquid cooling, declared power from 70hp to 7,500 rpm.”

Super Ténéré 750 2021

This bike was considered one of the best for the road, being considered a tourist bike to fall on the road.

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A negative point in this motorcycle so powerful is the consumption, which we will talk about further ahead and also with the fast wear of the tires, considering its power and agility.

However, for experts this bike is among the best in the total bike category, leaving its competitors behind, and having a unique and exclusive design.

Technical Data Sheet Super Ténéré 750 2021

Even though there is no version available to be launched, this bike still has a bold and modern design. In addition to the aggressive lines it has and its robustness.

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Of course, more than the aesthetic part it is important to know if the bike still meets the current needs, considering that the model has been out of circulation for a long time.

So, if you are passionate about the model, and still want to risk the purchase, see all the details that the machine has with the complete technical daughter.

  • Displacement: 750.00 cc
  • Engine Type: 4 stroke
  • Cooling: Liquid
  • Fuel: Petrol
  • Maximum Power: 70.00 hp at 7500 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 6.80 kgf at 7650 rpm
  • Transmission: 5 gears
  • Injection: Carbureted
  • Departure: Electric
  • Chassis: Steel
  • Front suspension: Telescopic, 235 mm
  • Front suspension adjustment:
  • Rear suspension: Mono-shock, 215 mm
  • Rear suspension adjustment:
  • Scale: Conventional
  • Weight (dry): 203 kg
  • Moving weight: 236.00 kg (MVOM)
  • Length: mm
  • Width: 815 mm
  • Height: 0 mm
  • Seat height: 876 mm
  • Wheelbase: 0 mm
  • Front Tire: 90/90 x 21 54H
  • Rear Tire: 140/80 x 17 69H
  • Average consumption of Super Ténéré 750

A motorcycle with such power and rapid evolution could not go out for less, except high consumption.

This is one of the negative points in this product that generally receives so much praise, so if you are willing to buy the Super Ténéré 750 2021, be aware that its consumption is 17 km / h.

Of course, this amount can vary a lot depending on who you are driving and how you drive.

Price Super Ténéré 750 2021

To buy this darling that attracts so many looks, we have some news to give you. The first is that, because this bike is not produced, it can be found well below the initial value.

As it is still expected that this launch will come with more news than the previous one, the price of the Super Ténéré 750 2021 may come a little steep. Based on the current models already announced, it can come to around $ 10,000.

And knowing that there is a huge market around this beloved model, you can buy it used. Just take a look to find different values.

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