Suzuki Burgman 125 2021: PRICES, Specifications, Consumption and Photos

The Suzuki Burgman 125 2021 is one of the news that promises here in USA. Much more full-bodied than the Burgman i and with a look as robust as the Honda PCX, Burgman Street, as the Suzuki Burgman 125 2021 is also known, has a 1-cylinder and 124 cc engine.

The new Burgman was shown in India and reveals a more stripped, comfortable and high performance line. Check out more information about this scooter!

About Suzuki Burgman

The Suzuki Burgman is known as the most sold and popular basic motorcycle among riders and, it seems, will continue to be. Betting on technology, more and more the Japanese company, existing since 1909, makes this scooter the most beloved of the public.

And on the list of Burgman motorcycles we already had the Burgman i – the most recent one – the Burgman 400 and 650. New Suzuki launches Street, with a 6-liter fuel tank, refurbished dashboard and renovated items.Suzuki Burgman 125 2021

The design also gained changes. More stylish and with a stripped-down look, the bike manages to keep the sporting touch even in the face of so much modernity.

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Serial items

Suzuki has been investing in technology, as already mentioned in this article, and one of the items that stands out in this model is the seat. For the driver to have more comfort when driving, especially on long journeys, the new Burgman brings a redesigned seat, with better modulation.

In addition, the new scooter features a 12-inch wheel in the front, different from the 10-inch wheel of the previous model, sold here. As for the rear, nothing changes: it remains at 10 inches. We can also highlight the brakes with disc system in the front and with drum used in the rear.

Other standard items for the Suzuki Burgman 125 2021 include:

  • speedometer;
  • high beam lights;
  • fuel level indicator;
  • injection system failure and diagnosis indicator.


The new Burgman Street 2021 does not yet have a complete technical sheet released, but taking into account the little that was released in India, we can say what is coming.

See the technical specifications of the Suzuki Burgman 125 2021:

  • power: electronic injection;
  • engine: 1 124 cm3 cylinder, 2 OHC valves and
  • forced air cooling;
  • power: 8.7 horses;
  • torque: 1.04 kgfm;
  • fuel capacity: 6 liters;
  • starting system: electric;
  • weight: 111 kg;
  • lubrication system: wet character;
  • compression ratio: 9.6: 1;
  • diameter x stroke: 53.5 c 55.2 mm.

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Consumption of the new Burgman 125

Suzuki’s new Burgman 125 is likely to have the same performance as scooters of the same manufacturer and previous model. That depends on the engine too, which hasn’t changed much and wins for being economical.

Therefore, the consumption of the Suzuki Burgman 2021 is:

  • 45 km per liter, with gasoline fuel.

Suzuki Burgman 2021 prices

Launched in India for 68 thousand rupees, the Suzuki Burgman 2021 can go around here for 700 $, but this is a value that can change when you step in the USA.

This is because previous bikes cost much more than this one, as we will see below:

Burgman i –1400 $;

  • $ 400 – $ 5300;
  • $ 650 – $ 7,000.

It is worth remembering that Burgman i was discontinued and it didn’t even have ABS brakes, which are now mandatory items for motorcycles in the USA.

If the automaker reveals more news about the Suzuki Burgman 125 2021, you will have the updated information in this article. Don’t miss any news!

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