Suzuki GSX S1000 A 2021: PRICES, Specs, Consumption and Photos

The Suzuki GSX S1000 A 2021 is one of the best launches of the brand, with high performance and champion performance. With DNA from the legendary GSX-R, the Suzuki GSX S1000 A 2021 is considered the pure sporty roadster with a very aggressive look.

The engine of this GSX S1000A is a street version, with four cylinders in line, which ensures controlled acceleration and a feeling of high adrenaline. The design is rigid and aggressive, however, the pistons were designed to be lightweight and guarantee ample torque.

You will know more by following this article about the new Suzuki GSX S1000 A. Check it out!

Suzuki GSX S1000 A 2021 specs

In addition to a street version engine, ideal for those looking for adrenaline, the compression ratio brings a great combination together with ample power and a straight head piston.

This is all thanks to the long stroke design that makes combustion chambers compact. Know, therefore, the technical sheet of the Suzuki GSX S1000 A 2021:

  • engine: 4-stroke, DOHC liquid cooling;
  • cylinders: 4;
  • diameter: 73.4 mm;
  • stroke: 59 mm;
  • engine capacity: 999 cm3;
  • maximum power: 150 hp at 10,000 rpm;
  • maximum torque: 11.01 kgf.m at 9500 rpm;
  • starting system: electric;
  • rate and compression: 12.2 ± 0.3: 1;
  • lubrication system: wet sump and oil pump;
  • power: electronic injection;
  • ignition type: electronic;
  • chassis: double upper stringer made of cast aluminum parts and extruded aluminum alloy profile;
  • front suspension: inverted telescopic, helical spring, hydraulic damping with spring preload;
  • Rear suspension: articulated balance, link type with helical spring with hydraulic damping.

Average consumption of the GSX S1000 A

With the power and performance of the new Suzuki bikes, it is normal to worry about the average fuel consumption, even more so with the performance of this engine. Below, you can check the information:

  • average consumption of the GSX S1000 A: 19.68 km / L.

Suzuki GSX S1000 A 2021 Price

The price of the Suzuki GSX S1000 A 2021 is variable, and has to do with the chosen color. Therefore, anyone who likes to draw attention on the streets, needs to pay a higher amount, about a thousand reais more. Check the values and their respective colors:

  • GSX S1000A – Metallic Triton Blue / Glass Sparkle Black (kel) – 8600 $;
  • GSX-S1000ZA – Metallic Triton Blue (YSF) – $ 8800;
  • GSX-S1000ZA – Pearl Glacier White (YWW) – $ 8850.

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