Yamaha NEO 125 2021: PRICES, Specifications, Consumption and Photos

A motorcycle of great performance in the market and that promises to grow much more is the Yamaha NEO 125 2021. To know all the details such as price, technical data, consumption and photos, read the following article and stay on top of everything that Yamaha NEO 125 2021 offers.

Yamaha NEO 125 2021

The Yamaha NEO 125 motorcycle comes with fast acceleration and CVT automatic transmission, providing easier riding for the rider, still has the option ECO (economical) on the panel, giving the possibility of riding with less cost.

The motorcycle also has a different design and LED headlights that complete the look. To make life easier for drivers, the bike also comes with an object holder with the capacity to store 14 liters, including a helmet.

➥ Chassis

  • Chassis type: Underbone;
  • Front suspension / wheel travel: Telescopic fork / 90 mm;
  • Rear suspension / wheel travel: Motor-scale / 80 mm;
  • Trail: 100 mm;
  • Front brake: Hydraulic disc 200 mm in diameter;
  • Rear brake: 130 mm diameter mechanical drum;
  • Front tire: Metzeler Fellfree 80 / 80-14 M / C;
  • Rear tire: Metzeler Fellfree 90 / 80-14 M / C.

➥ Dimensions and Capabilities

  • Length: 1,870 mm;
  • Width: 685 mm;
  • Height: 1,070 mm;
  • Seat height: 775 mm;
  • Wheelbase: 1,260 mm;
  • Minimum height from the ground: 135 mm;
  • Net weight: 96 Kg;
  • Fuel tank capacity: 4.2 L.

The Yamaha NEO 125 also features news such as:

  • CVT Automatic Transmission;
  • LED headlights;
  • 14 liter container holders;
  • UBS brakes;
  • Panel with ECO function.

Average consumption

One of the factors that can influence the purchase of a motorcycle is on consumption. The expense of maintaining a motorcycle in constant traffic requires an amount that should be included in the budget.

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That is why it is so important to research the machine’s autonomy. The average consumption of the Yamaha NEO 125 2021 is approximately 30 km / liter, depending on the riding of each one.

Yamaha NEO 125 Price

To be able to buy a NEO 125 motorcycle, it will not be necessary large investments, not least because this motorcycle is considered one of the cheapest on the market.

  • It is possible to buy the bike for as low as $ 1400.

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