Yamaha Neo 125 2021: Prices, Specs and Photos

One of the most used means of transport in big cities, the motorcycle brings practicality, economy and agility to the day-to-day. With that in mind, Yamaha has launched a new model of the Yamaha Neo 125 2021. One of the most popular automakers in the country, Yamaha has come strong to compete with Honda, its biggest competitor in the domestic market. Are you interested? Then continue this article and learn all about the Yamaha Neo 125 2021!

Yamaha Neo 125 2021

For those who need agility during the day-to-day, but do not give up a bold design and comfort, the new model of the Yamaha Neo 125 2021 promises to be successful.

The biggest competitor of the Honda PCX 150 2021 or the new Honda Biz 2021, a similar model from the rival automaker, the Neo 125 2021 came with the slogan “Don’t be equal, be Neo”, referring to the idea of ​​always trying to get out of the routine.

Among the novelties of the model, we can highlight the LED headlights, which provide more security on trips, especially at night.

In addition, we will talk about the serial items and technical data in more detail in the next topics.Yamaha Neo 125 2021

Serial items Neo 125 2021

Before buying the motorcycle or any other item, the consumer seeks to know everything about the product, from durability to accessories, standard items and more.

Thus, in the case of the Yamaha Neo 125 2021 it would be no different. The bike still retains the characteristics of other Yamaha models, but still innovating.

Therefore, among the Neo 125 2021 standard items, the UBS brake and automatic transmission are two of the main items, ensuring more comfort and safety.

In addition, check out the list of standard Yamaha Neo 125 2021 items below:

  • CVT Automatic Transmission;
  • Dashboard
  • Analog speedometer, total odometer, level indicator
    fuel and ECO function;
  • 14 liter container holders;
  • UBS brakes;
  • LED headlights.

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Datasheet Yamaha Neo 125 2021

In addition to looking at the standard items, which talk a lot about the comfort of the new Yamaha Neo 125 2021, the technical sheet is important to understand the details of the bike.

In the technical sheet, information about the engine, suspension and chassis is completely detailed. These data for the rider to assess the quality of the bike and how well it supports each situation.

For example, on Rally bikes, a more robust suspension is essential to obtain the best results. So you can compare the Yamaha Neo 125 2021 with the other 2021 bikes.

Therefore, check the complete technical sheet of the model:

  • Engine type: SOHC, 2 valves, 4-stroke, Air cooled;
  • Maximum Power: 9.8 hp (8,000 rpm);
  • Torque: 1.0 kgf.m / 5500 rpm;
  • Cylinders: 1;
  • Displacement: 125 cc;
  • Diameter X stroke: 52.4 x 57.9 mm;
  • Compression ratio: 9.5: 1;
  • Power: Electronic injection;
  • Fuel type: Gasoline;

  • Front suspension: Telescopic fork;
  • Rear suspension: Motor-scale;
  • Front suspension travel: 90 mm (suspension) / 90 mm (wheel);
  • Rear suspension travel: 78 mm (suspension) / 80 mm (wheel);
  • Transmission system: Automatic;
  • Final transmission: Gears;
  • Clutch: Dry Centrifugal Shoe;

  • Braking system: UBS;
  • Front brake: Hydraulic disc;
  • Front brake Ø: 200 (external Ø) mm;
  • Rear brake: Mechanical drum;
  • Rear brake Ø: 130 mm.

Neo 125 market price

In addition to all the quality of the bike in terms of performance and practicality, another factor that calls the attention of the Yamaha Neo 125 2021 is the purchase price.

For being a model considered more popular, the Neo 125 2021 has a market value considered within the average, if we compare it with similar ones from Honda, for example.

It is also worth remembering that the price we are going to mention does not include shipping or transfer fee. So, see how much the Yamaha Neo 125 costs:

  • Yamaha Neo 125 2021 value: $ 1500.

Neo 125 consumption

Another point that draws attention on the Yamaha Neo 125 2021 is its fuel consumption. Even with all the items and performance, the model’s reduced weight contributes to less consumption.

Thus, according to the tests, the Yamaha Neo 125 2021 has a range of more than 300 km.

Check the motorcycle consumption projection below:

  • 30 km / liter with gasoline;

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