Yamaha Tracer 900 GT: PRICES, Specs, Consumption and Photos

The new Yamaha Tracer 900 GT brings sophistication and at the same time a robust designer, which attracts looks wherever it goes. If you are a fan of speed and comfort, you will like to know the new model. Find out the details of the Yamaha Tracer 900 GT below!

Meet the Yamaha Tracer 900 GT

The Yamaha Tracer 900 GT comes with a 3-cylinder engine. With that it is capable of a torque of 8.92 kgf.m. It is light and has 115 hp engine. For those who like strength and power, this new model will gain space in your garage.

In the new model it was given a wide windshield allowing greater protection against rain and wind. It can also be adjusted to three different heights. Excellent for those who love to hit the road.

Yamaha Tracer 900 GT

Another differential in this incredible Yamaha model is that the motorcycle has a narrower handlebar. This is excellent because it facilitates driving in traffic and also brings more comfort to the driver.

Yamaha Tracer 900 GT Specs

In order for you to know more about the Yamaha Tracer 900 GT, it is important to analyze the technical data sheet of this new model. If you are thinking of buying yours see below.

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The technical file contains all the necessary information about the motorcycle. See the Tracer 900 GT technical sheet below:

  • Engine: Type: DOHC, 12 valves, Liquid cooling, 4 Strokes
  • Displacement: 847
  • Number of cylinders: 3
  • Maximum power: 115 hp (10,000 rpm)
  • Maximum torque: 8.92 kgf.m / 8,500 rpm
  • Power: Electronic Injection
  • Starting system: Electric
  • Operating weight: 215 kg
  • Transmission: 6 speed
  • Suspension: Front: Upside Down Telescopic Fork
  • Suspension: Front: Stroke 137mm

  • Suspension: Rear Rear shock balance type with link
  • Suspension: 130 mm Rear Suspension Stroke
  • Brakes: Front: Two ventilated and floating 298 mm discs, two 4-piston calipers each and anti-lock system (ABS)
  • Brakes: Rear: 245 mm single disc and single piston calipers
  • Seat height: 850/865 mm
  • Overall length: 2160 mm
  • Total Width: 850 mm
  • Total height: 1,375 mm
  • Minimum height from the ground: 135 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1500 mm
  • Fuel Tank: 18 L (3.4 L reserve)

Consumption Yamaha Tracer 2021

If you are thinking about buying the Yamaha Tracer 900 GT, you must know your consumption, it makes a difference in your budget. It was created for long trips, so the brand thought about lower consumption.

Today the new Yamaha does:

Consumption: 22km / l

Yamaha Tracer GT Colors

The new Tracer 900 GT looks beautiful and very modern. If you like sophistication and speed, but also want your bike to be in perfect color, you will love the colors of this new model.

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It is only available in two beautiful colors. See the available colors below:

  • Matte Blue;
  • Metallic Black.

Price Yamaha Tracer 900 GT

A very important factor that everyone wants to know is the price of this machine. With so much innovation and technology, the Yamaha Tracer GT does not come at a low price.

Check below the price to acquire this wonder. Recalling that the price shown is for the series model. If the buyer adds items and other accessories, the price will change.

  • Price: 8800$

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