Yamaha XT 660 2021: Prices, Specs, Photos and Consumption

The Yamaha XT 660 2021 may come a little differently from previous models and have made it a classic in motorcycle history. According to the Japanese automaker, the Yamaha XT 660 2021 version should go out of line to make way for Ténéré 700.

The decision extends to other models, such as the XT 660R and 660Z due to a new pollutant emission rule, called Euro4.

But still, the demand is very high, there are many fans of this rustic and classic model, so let’s talk about this Yamaha XT 660. Follow!

About the Yamaha XT 660 2021

Yamaha’s famous big trail, which has won many fans since its launch in the 70s, may be saying goodbye. The announcement that the Yamaha XT 660 “grinder” will arrive in 2021 under the name Ténéré 700 has already taken some by surprise.

The reason is the emission of pollutants that, little by little, has been leaving cars and motorbikes to give way to engines with less emission and greater environmental concern.Yamaha XT 660 2021

The XT 660 made history and it is very worthwhile to know its configurations, despite the fact that it is no longer manufactured. It is possible that many of your items can be reused for the next generation of the Ténéré 700.

Meet the main competitors of the Yamaha XT 660:

  • BMW F 850 GS;
  • Triumph Tiger 800.

Yamaha XT 660 serial items

Manufactured to be used both on dirt and asphalt, the new XT 660 stands out for its power combined with the robust designer, characteristics that have made it of a high standard.

Here are some standard features that the Yamaha XT 660 2021 offers you:

  • Off-road model;
  • Spoked wheels, rim 21 at the front;
  • Long-haul suspensions;
  • 659.7 cm³ single cylindrical;
  • Fuel injection;
  • Forged Piston;
  • Liquid cooling;
  • Simple command on the head to control the four valves;
  • Wide handlebars;
  • Digital panel.

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Yamaha XT 660 2021 specs

The technical specifications say more about the bike than the designer implies, don’t they? Therefore, it is good to know the internal aspects to know if this classic big trail deserves the fame it has.

Check out the Yamaha XT 660 technical sheet:

  • Cylinder capacity: 660.00 cc;
  • Engine Type: 4 stroke;
  • Cooling: Liquid;
  • Fuel: Gasoline;
  • Maximum Power: 48 hp at 6000 rpm;
  • Maximum Torque: 5.95 kgf at 5250 rpm;
  • Transmission: 5 gears;
  • Electronic injection;
  • Departure: Electric;
  • Chassis: Steel;

  • Front suspension: Conventional;
  • Scale: Conventional;
  • Weight (dry): 165 kg;
  • Width: 845 mm;
  • Height: 1230 mm;
  • Seat height: 865 mm;
  • Wheelbase: 1505 mm;
  • Front tire: 90 / 90-21 M / C 54 S;
  • Rear tire: 130 / 80-17 M / C 65 S.

Average consumption of XT 660 2021

Riding this Yamaha motorcycle on a dirt or asphalt road requires good performance, especially since, for those who are fans, the XT 660 2021 would certainly be used a lot.

Based on the values of the previous version, the XT 660 could not disappoint those who always bet on Yamaha models. See consumption below:

  • 17 to 23 km per liter.

The fuel tank supports 15 liters, but remember that the more you use the bike, especially forcing it on difficult roads, the more fuel you will use and the less performance it will have.

XT 660 2021 prices

After a car or motorcycle goes out of line, prices may change and fall at dealerships, as they need to quickly dispose of models to join substitutes.

Therefore, the most likely price for the Yamaha XT 660 2021 is expected to be around $ 5700.

Want to see more? So, follow the video below about the bike, and be sure to check out news with us!

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