Yamaha YBR 150 Factor 2021: Prices, Photos and Specs

For a busy life in big cities, where every minute saved is worth a lot, having a Yamaha YBR 150 Factor 2021 is the dream of many motorcyclists. The model offers greater comfort for the driver and the ride than in previous versions. So, to check the technical data sheet, prices and photos of the Yamaha YBR 150 Factor 2021, stay tuned for the rest of this article!

Yamaha YBR 150 Factor 2021

The 2021 bikes are gaining more and more fans, mainly in the capitals and metropolitan regions of Brazil. One reason for this is the low maintenance cost, purchase value and practicality in traffic.

Thus, the Yamaha YBR 150 Factor 2021 promises to deliver the best of these three items, with a very low consumption, powerful engine and low market value.

Yamaha has been gaining more and more space in the national market, approaching Honda, which is currently the sales leader. For this, the automaker offers in the YBR 150 Factor 2021 the performance that every driver expects.

Yamaha YBR 150 Factor 2021

Serial items

When you are going to buy any item, whether cell phone, computer, TV, home or vehicle, you always try to know all the information about that product.

This information is important to evaluate the cost benefit, comparing with the products of other brands and their prices. Therefore, the standard items say a lot about the quality of the Yamaha YBR 150 Factor 2021.

These standard items are those that come in the simplest model of the bike, with the starting price. In the case of the YBR 150 Factor 2021, we can highlight the wheels and piston, which are made of aluminum, ensuring the quality of the motorcycle.

Thus, being able that the automaker can face its main competition with Honda and its main models in the segment:

In addition, the model already has ABS brakes and tubeless tires, which ensure greater safety. Check out the list of all Yamaha YBR 150 Factor 2021 series items:

  • ECO function: indicates the most economical pilotage; Speedometer; Account turns;
  • Bipartite flashlight integrated to the tail;
  • 2-level bench and higher density foam;
  • Option to use Gasoline or Alcohol in any proportion;
  • 150cc engine;
  • UBS brakes and tubeless Metzeler tires;
  • Aluminum wheels;
  • Modern panel with: Gear and fuel indicator; Fuel Trip: indicates how much you can still run;
  • Aluminum piston;
  • Cooper Grip casting technology.


In addition to the standard items, the technical sheet says all the details of the Yamaha YBR 150 Factor 2021, mainly about the engine and other mechanical items.

Like the standard items, the technical sheet is used to compare other models, but also to assess the quality of the engine, if it meets all your expectations. Then check out the complete technical data sheet for the Yamaha YBR 150 Factor 2021:

  • Type; SOHC, 2 valves, 4-stroke, Air-cooled;
  • Power (Gasoline): 12.2 hp (7,500 rpm);
  • Potency (Ethanol); 12.4 hp (7,500 rpm);
  • Torque (Gasoline): 1.3 kgf.m (5,500 rpm);
  • Torque (Ethanol): 1.3 kgf.m (5,500 rpm);
  • Cylinders: 1;
  • Displacement: 149 cc;

  • Diameter X stroke: 57.3 mm x 57.9 mm;
  • Compression ratio: 9.6: 1;
  • Power: Electronic injection;
  • Fuel type: Gasoline / Ethanol;
  • Front suspension: Telescopic fork;
  • Rear suspension: Rear scale;
  • Front suspension travel: 120 mm (suspension) / 120 mm (wheel);
  • Rear suspension travel: 92 mm (suspension) / 111 mm (wheel);
  • Transmission system: Synchronized, 5 speeds;
  • Final transmission: Chain;
  • Clutch: Wet Multi-Disc;
  • Braking system: UBS;
  • Front brake: Hydraulic Disc;
  • Front brake Ø: 245 mm (external Ø);
  • Rear brake: Mechanical drum;
  • Rear brake Ø: 130 mm.

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As already mentioned in other topics, the value of a motorcycle is also defined by fuel consumption, defining maintenance costs on a daily basis.

Therefore, we can say that the Yamaha YBR 150 is one of the models with the best consumption in Brazil, even more considering that it is a 150 CC engine.

So, with a good performance both in the city and in the city, the bike has the following average:

  • Consumption Yamaha YBR 150 Factor 2021: 35 KM / l;

Price Yamaha YBR 150 Factor 2021

In addition to all the qualities we mentioned here, the Yamaha YBR 150 Factor has a very reasonable market value, being considered a popular model.

It is worth remembering that the value mentioned below is for the cash purchase. Bank financing and interest must be included in the financing. In addition, you have to pay the documentation to transfer the bike to your name.

Knowing this, see the value projection of the model:

  • Yamaha YBR 150 Factor 2021: 1600$

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